Bosch SHE6AP05UC 24 inch Ascenta Series Full Console Dishwasher - Stainless Steel

The SHE6AP05UC 24" Ascenta Evolution dishwasher offers several outstanding features, but it does not go beyond what is expected. It is still, however, highly recommended to consumers who want to conserve energy and save time while still cleaning the dishes properly with 99.9% bacteria out of the way. See the list of key features and consumer pros and cons to learn more about this Bosch dishwasher model.

Key features

- The SHE6AP05UC dishwasher comes in a tall tub frame, made of stainless steel.
- It has a lifetime warranty on rust-through.
- It has two pumps that reduce the vibration and sound produced by operation.
- The unit is virtually silent at 50 dBA.
- It offers six wash cycles and 2 options.
- The dishwasher is Energy Star-certified.
- It makes use of a triple filtration system.
- It further reduces energy use by 20% through its EcoSense feature.
- This Bosch dishwasher has a flow-through water heater.
- There is the Half Load Option for not so busy days to avoid wasting energy.
- Bosch offers a 24/7 overflow leak protection service for this model.
- The dishwasher eliminates 99.9% of bacteria present, making it NSF-certified.
- Its SaniDry feature helps in drying the dishes with just as much hygiene involved as with the washing.
- It has a 24-hour delay start system, which allows scheduling of up to that long prior to actual operation.
- It has a child lock system designed to prevent accidental cycle changes.
- It has a 14 place setting capacity.
- It does not melt plastics.
- The dishwasher is equipped with LED that shows the time remaining, for the utmost convenience of users.
- It can finish the wash in 30 minutes or less through the Quick Wash feature.
- It performs spotless drying through OptiDry function.


The SHE6AP05UC dishwasher is a Bosch offering that is as reliable as other Bosch dishwasher models. There are a lot to cheer about when it comes to the reduction of energy. Consumers will be happy with their savings on water and power bills. There are also a lot of features that focus on complete cleaning, inside and out, of the dishes, which should be the whole point of dishwashers, anyway.


The problem with the SHE6AP05UC dishwasher is not so much on the price but what the price could have offered instead. Some Bosch models cost about the same but can offer more. Though the dishwasher in focus offers good performance, it pales in comparison to other Bosch dishwashers. It lacks other features such as the built-in food disposer and water softener.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- environment-friendly features
- has child lock feature
- 24/7 leak protection service
- clean, bacteria-free results
- multiple wash cycle options
- durable tub
- highly programmable
- LED control panel with time left display
- affordable
- virtually silent
- Energy Star-certified
- plastics can be heat-dried


- average compared to other Bosch dishwashers
- lacks other neat features such as water softener, food disposer, etc.

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