Bosch She8PT55UC

by Leslie
(Shreveport, LA, USA)

The 900 series was available for a slight price difference when we purchased this machine. But, since the 800 is made in America (North Carolina, I think) and the 900 back in Germany, we decided to buy American (a German product, yes, but made here in the new factory).

We absolutely love this dishwasher. After being in the habit, necessarily, of almost completely washing the dishes prior to loading them into the dishwasher, it is wonderful to trust them to come clean solely on the power of the product purchased for that purpose.

Even lipstick, which has never come off our glasses without copious amounts of elbow grease and soap, was completely gone.

Loading, which can be a challenge at times with various sizes of bowls and odd shaped pieces, is a breeze with this as well. Some of the tines on the lower rack fold down, creating a great place for fatter bowls. There is one large cylinder tine for things like vases or water bottles on the bottom rack too. Love the upper flat rack for my spatulas and other utensils, as well as small, easy to lose items. The large utensil holder on the lowest rack has a lid and, even leaving it shut to fit each fork, etc., individually, has plenty of room for the amount of utensils that go along with a full load of dishes.

Except, of course, for items with an indent that allows water to pool, the dishes come out completely dry too. Only have to leave them inside for 20 minutes or so after completion of the cycle and the steam somehow dries everything.

This is a really welcome change to our last one, which required opening the door and leaving it open to air dry for several hours after the cycle was done.

My only small dislike is something most people may actually like about this machine. It has lights that are always on when the door is open. Being of the more eco-friendly mindset, leaving it open unnecessarily for even a few minutes is uncomfortable for me.

Speaking of eco friendly, this machine uses very little water to accomplish the job. We did order salt for it too, even though our water tested at 1 for hardness, in hopes this will help it to last longer. We ended up ordering both the recommended detergent and the salt from Amazon at a great price. The salt available around here from Lowe’s and other such stores are not the type to be used in this dishwasher (we have quite a large bag sitting around now as a reminder of this).

This was a real splurge pricewise for an appliance. But, after 40 plus years of loading and unloading a dishwasher, I still am as excited as a child with a new toy to see the clean, sparkling items inside when the wash is done after more than a month with this gem.

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