by Susan


- It cleans
- It's quiet
- It holds up well

- Lack of a garbage disposal may be a negative for some buyers.
- it does not have a temperature boost

The first thing I noticed about this dishwasher was that it cleaned! I had had my previous dishwasher for about 10 years, had nothing but trouble with it (the Maytag repairman wasn?t lonely in my neighborhood) and had to touch the dishes up when they came out of the machine if I hadn?t washed them thoroughly before they went in. Somehow that wasn?t what I wanted from a dishwasher!

All that is a thing of the past with the Bosch. Dishes come out clean almost all the time. I do have a little trouble occasionally with starchy substances redepositing on the silverware, but that's it

It is also, to use a cliché, whisper quiet. This is important because our family room is right next to the kitchen. No longer do I have to worry about getting a load finished before my husband comes home from work and says "Why is that thing running NOW"!

This is an absolutely basic model. All it does is Wash, Power Scrub, and Rinse and Hold, but that's all I need. It has several features that I particularly appreciate. The top shelf is tall enough to hold small dinner plates, and the handy cup rack can also secure stem glasses.

The removable silverware basket has a nifty sectioned top that separates utensils so they don't nest together. It should be noted that it does not have a built-in garbage disposal so the drain strainer has to be cleaned occasionally, about a 90-second task. It also does not have a temp boost so the water heater has to be maintained at a temperature higher than some people might want.

My only problem was the result of improper installation (by Sears, not a Bosch dealer) which caused a damaged part. The warranty was honored immediately. I have had it for several years now and have had absolutely no further problems. I recommend it without hesitation.

I give it five stars. I have been very happy with it and will almost certainly buy another Bosch when the time comes to replace it.

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Jan 08, 2015
What a machine!!!
by: Mr. Mom

16 years we've had this machine and today was the very first breakdown. From what the forums are saying it'll be back up and running in two days. Just waiting for the part to arrive. I love this machine more than the tv. My wife thinks I'm nuts!;)

Nov 18, 2013
by: Anonymous

Do u know the model number of the dish washer, that's all u need. Really!

Apr 18, 2012
by: Dinah

dishwasher washed well and was quiet but the longevity is non-existent. Installed 6 years ago exactly and has not worked for 3 months due to control panel failure. Part is supposedly not available anymore! Can't order on the Internet because I don't know the part number.

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