Bosch SHV43P13UC 24 inch Integra 300 Series Fully Integrated Dishwasher - Panel Ready

The SHV43P13UC is another midrange offering from Bosch that fuses affordability with style. The SHV43P13UC is a midrange dishwasher that comes with the energy saving features as well as features that remove germs and bacteria as well. It also comes with a flexible silverware basket and Hygienic Condensation Drying.

Key features

- The unit comes with a stainless steel tub and a lifetime warranty on rust through. The stainless steel tub is one of the best features of this unit because it is very durable.
- Washes dishes according to how your dishes are soiled by choosing among the four wash cycles and the options. Customizing your washing according to the right wash cycle helps you save on water and power costs.
- The two pump system helps minimize the noise and vibration. The unit also comes with a solid base which further helps eliminate the sound and prevents leaks. When working, the tub chugs on at 50dBA.
- You can further save on power and water by using the half load option for small loads.
- The washer removes not just food particles and stains but bacteria as well, with its NSF-certified wash cycles.
- The triple filtration system ensures that you get clean water to rinse and wash your dishes every time. The triple filtration system makes sure that the water is not contaminated with food particles that are processed by the food disposer.
- The concealed heating element helps you avoid melting down plastics. You can also opt to air dry your dishes if you want to avoid melting your plastic dishes and want to save on power and water as well.
- The Quick wash option allows for washing on the run. This feature also uses less water and power compared to other washing cycles.
- End of cycle sound tells you when the machine is done with the cycle so you can start unloading the dishes. This way you do not have to keep on looking at the dishwasher to determine if it is done washing or not.


One of the main reasons why consumers like this unit so much is the bundle of energy saving features as well as the stylish design that belies the affordable price. The SHV43P13UC comes with useful basic features as well as a number of comfort features that ensure full convenience when dishwashing.


One of the more common complaints with the SHV43P13UC is the long washing time. Other users often complain about the lack of a water softener, a display, and a child lock. The unit also does not come with interior lights. This can be especially hard for those who want to organize their dishes inside the tub. The lack of a child lock can be a dealbreaker for users with small children in the house.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Stylish and affordable
- Cleans dishes well
- Cleans dishes efficiently and offers savings in power and water


- Long washing time
- Lack of water softener
- Lack of a display and a child lock
- Lack of interior lights

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Nov 26, 2010
Solunoid defective before the first wash
by: Anonymous

I hadn't even used it and it didn't work. Contractor said defective solenoid.

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