Bosch SHV65P03UC 24 inch Integra 500 Series Fully Integrated Dishwasher

The SHV65P03UC is one of the best choices for an all around dishwasher which comes with a number of variable energy saving features. Packed with the Energy Star seal, this unit makes washing dishes easy with its large capacity and low level of noise.

Key features

- The stainless steel tub adds to the durability of the unit. Unlike plastic tubs, the stainless steel tub lasts longer and is capable of carrying more loads.
- You can tailor your washes according to the level of soiling in your dishes by choosing any of the six wash cycles and 3 options.
- Enjoy silent performance with the Sound package which reduces the noise down to 47 dBA. This means you can use the dishwasher even in the evenings when you can save more on energy costs.
- Solid base feature is designed to contain sound and to prevent leaks.
-The Quadruple filtration system is responsible for giving you squeaky clean dishes everytime. This system ensures that the water does not get mixed with food particles.
- Get dishes that are not only free of food stains but also free of germs with the NSF certification. It eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria. Another similar feature is the SaniDry Hygienic Condensation Drying that dries while removing germs.
- Avoid the accidental melting of plastics with the concealed heating element.
- The washer can wash up to 14 place setting, which makes it perfect for larger families or after entertaining a huge group.
- The RackMatic feature automatically adjusts the upper rack to make room for more dishes. You can also use this feature when you want to load taller and larger dishes.
- The Extra Tall Item Sprinkler cleans items up to 22", tall making it easier to include tall tumblers and glasses in the dishwashing load.
- Other convinience features include the Multi function LED screen that shows the remaining time before the cycle is done.
- Delay timer allows you to set the washer up to 19 hours prior to the washing.
- Know when the washing is done with the end of cycle sound. This eliminates the need to check up on the washer from time to time.


One of the main advantages of this unit is the stylish design as well as the various energy saving features. The presence of convenience features also makes this unit a good buy. When it comes to capacity, users love the 14 place setting capacity as well as the Extra Tall Item feature which cleans and dries taller items. Another consumer favorite is the adjustable feet which allows users to adjust the height of the unit.


The unit does not come with water softerners and has no interior lights. The latter is a common comaplaint since it is easy to find units that are of the same price and features with interior lights, which facilitate easy loading and unloading of dishes.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Easy to load
- Works fast and quietly
- Accomodates large piles of dishes
- Adjustable feet


- No interior light
- No water softener
- No glass protection

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Aug 02, 2011
Cleans poorly
by: Highly Frustrated with Bosch

I replaced my old ASKO dishwasher with the Bosch SHV65P03UC and I am extremely unhappy with this new dishwasher. I don't care too much that it doesn't dry dishes well but I do care immensely that it doesn't clean properly. I have to presoak my dishes and scrub off any small particle of food before starting a cycle if I want to have clean dishes. Bosch sent a "technician", that guy was arrogant and useless. He told me that the problem came from the fact that I don't use Finnish their "recommended" detergent and he declared that the Trader Joe dishwashing detergent is the problem. It certainly was never a problem with my ASKO. He then claimed that it was because I needed to run hot water at the sink before starting the wash. I never heard of wasting hot water to make sure a dishwasher does its job.
Bosch customer care people are very polite but my complaints are falling upon deaf ears.

Nov 26, 2010
unhappy consumer
by: Anonymous

We included this model in our totally new kitchen. It is the worst diswasher we have ever owned. Although it is quite, it does not clean.

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