Bosch SHV68E13UC -Integra 800 Plus Series Fully Integrated Dishwasher - Custom Panel

Known as one of the most efficient dishwashers in the US, the SHV68E13UC is a 24" unit that comes with a number of nifty features that are useful for regular dishwashing. It comes in a stylish stainless steel design and a touch button control panel for convenience.

Key features

- The SHV68E13UC comes in a stainless steel tub that makes washing large piles of dishes easy to do. The 24" allows washing of large piles of dishes and tall pieces of kitchen utensils such as cookie tins and cutlery.
- You can cutomize your dishwashing according to the level of soiling in the dishes by choosing any of the 6 wash cycles and 5 options that you have.
- The machine performs quietly with the sound package that reduces noise at 40 dBA.
- Antother useful feature is the InfoLight Beams on the floor to tell you that the washer is running.
- Enjoy less vibration and therefore less noise with the two pump system. This allows you to run the washer even at night.
- The machine has a solid base which contains the sound and prevents leaks.
- Save on energy with very useful features like the EcoSense and EcoAction feature, which reduces energy usage by up to 25%. The Ecosense technology reduces energy usage by up to 20%.
- Another feature that allows you to save on energy is the Half Load option for smaller loads, which uses half the water.
- Triple filtration system prevents food particles from mixing with the water and leaving residue even on clean dishes.
- Enjoy bacteria-free dishes with the Sanitize option. The SHV68E13UC has this option to remove bacteria from the dishes using high heat.
- The SHV68E13UC also comes with the concealed heating element which prevents overheating and melting of plastics.
- This machine is capable of washing up to 15 place settings, allowing you to finish larger loads of dishes in one cycle.
- You also get tall dishes clean with the Extra tall item sprinkler which washes items that are 22" tall.


One of the main advantages of this unit is the stainless steel tub which is more durable compared to dishwashers with plastic tubs. Users enjoy the savings they get with this machine because it comes with the Energy Star seal.

The foldable plate racks also adds to the flexibility of this washer. It also comes with the child lock feature which prevents kids from removing the locks and opening the washer when it is still running. The Triple filtration system and the sanitize options are also favorite features because they both ensure that the dishes come out free from bacteria.


One of the main complaints is that this unit does not come with interior lights. It also comes with limited color and design options as well as no multi-function text LCD display and no racks for cutlery.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Stainless steel tub
- Works quietly
- Washes dishes fast
- Allows cleaning of tall dishes and glasses


- No interior lights
- Limited choices for color and design
- No multi-function text LCD display
- No racks for cutlery

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Jan 02, 2012
Got rack
by: Anonymous

This unit has 3 racks.. top tray is for silverware. There is also a basket come with it. It is a joy to pickup the forks and knives. clean and easy access compare to basket. we never use the basket.

middle rack has 3 height level. Got a salt dispenser for hard water. got a in-line water heater.

I only need to use half of a tablet for each wash.

The stainless steel tub is twice as thick as the Korean's.
Very quiet that got a led indicating light shining on floor to tell you it is running.

We have a Thermador stainless panel with master handle on it. We got the unit on sale. better price than any other brands.

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