Bosch SHV68P03UC 24 inch Integra 800 Series Fully Integrated Dishwasher - Panel Ready

The SHV68P03UC is one of the most stylish dishwashers in the market out there. It comes with a stainless steel tub and 6 wash cycles and options. Users can enjoy total quiet even if the unit is running with a noise level of just 44dBA. And with the Energy Star Seal, you can be sure that you can save a whole lot of power and water even if you wash large loads of dishes every time.

Key features

- Know when the washer is on or off with the InfoLight Beams on the floor.
- The SHV68P03UC also comes loaded with two pumps. These reduce the vibration considerably and thus reduces the noise level.
- The SHV68P03UC comes with a solid base which helps contain the sound and prevents leaks.
- Save on power with several earth-friendly features like the EcoSense feature and the Half Load option. The former reduces energy usage by up to 20% while the half load option allows you to clean smaller loads using half the water and electricity.
- The Quadruple filter system takes filtration of cleaning water to the next level. It ensures that no food particles are mixed with the cleaning water.
- Stainless steel tub adds to the durability of the unit. Compared to washers with plastic interiors, the stainless steel tubs ensure a longer life for your unit.
- The Quick Wash feature allows you to choose this option when washing dishes that have not been soiled but just need a quick rinse.
- Users can also use the delay feature to start the machine when it is most comfortable to them.
- No need to check in on the washer if it is done washing or not. Simply wait for the audible signal to sound off and you can start unloading the dishwasher.
- The SHV68P03UC is capable of washing up to 14 place settings of dishes, allowing you to clean up larger piles of dishes at one time.
- The Extra Tall item sprinkler system allows you to wash dishes that are up to 22" tall.
- The SHV68P03UC also allows flexibility in loading your dishes with the adjustable upper rack and flexbile silverware basket. Remove the racks to make room for taller items or use the rack when you want more organization inside your washer.


Aside from the stylish exterior, one of the main advantages of this unit is that it come with convenience and several energy saving features. There's the EcoSense feature and the Half Load option for small loads. When it comes to efficient cleaning, the Quadruple filtration system does the job very well.


One of the main complaints with this model is the lack of the child lock feature. It also does not come with interior lights which can be difficult when loading and unloading the dishes. The unit also does not come with a load sensor and offers no glass protection.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Stylish design
- Cleans well and cleans fast
- More savings in energy with the Energy Star Seal
- Extra tall item sprinkler is perfect for tall glasses


- No interior lights
- No child lock
- Limited options in design and color

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