Bosch SHX43P15UC 24 inch Integra 300 Series Fully Integrated Dishwasher - Stainless Steel

The Bosch SHX43P15UC Dishwasher 24" Integra 300 series is an elegant dishwashing unit that will fit in any kitchen style and design. The stainless steel body allows for easier cleaning and also ensures durability.

The solid base helps reduce sound, making it a virtually silent kitchen equipment. See the list of key features below and some consumer feedback based on their experience of using this dishwasher model by Bosch.

Key features

- The Bosch SHX43P15UC Dishwasher 24" Integra 300 series is a silent machine that operates at only 50 decibels. The solid base helps prevent unnecessary sound. Twin pumps also reduce noise and vibration.
- It is energy-efficient, having both an Energy Star rating and EcoSense technology which reduces energy usage by up to 20%
- It offers four cycles to choose from, including a 30-minute quick wash option for those light dishwashing needs.
- It also operates at a half load option, in case only a few dishes need to be washed.
- It has an end of cycle sound feature that warns the user when the machine is finished with its work
- It has a capacity of 14 place setting.


Aside from being energy-efficient, the Bosch SHX43P15UC is a silent machine with only 50 decibels of sound produced. The racks are manually adjustable to allow a multitude of dishes to fit inside the tub for optimal cleaning.

The quick dry cycle option also allows the user to perform light washing on dishes for only 30 minutes. Plastic dishes are also safe due to the built-in heating system that ensures that plastic items will not melt. The dishwasher is light and compact that allows it to fit into any kitchen space.


The Bosch SHX43P15UC has less dish capacity than others machines from the same brand. It also offers only four wash cycle options and does not come with variable water pressure. The dishwasher does not come with a handy display screen that indicates the time remaining and other related information.

Also, the dishwasher does not allow for much versatility as there is no variation in the water pressure employed by the machine. Although the racks are adjustable, there is no allowance for extra tall items. There is also no specified rack for the delicate silverware and cutlery.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- compact and can easily fit into any kitchen space
- stainless steel body allows for ease in cleaning and added durability
- has Aqua Stop leak prevention system
- energy-efficient with only 259 kwh/yr.
- adjustable racks allow the user to arrange dishes properly inside the tub
- has triple filtration system
- has flow-through water heater
- NSF-certified


- does not have LED screen
- has no dish load sensor
- some dishes are not as clean as the others
- despite being a conveniently handled machine, it has no child lock
- no variable water pressure, which impedes cleaning in some instances
- no mezzanine rack, tall item sprinkler, and silverware basket

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