Bosch SHX43P16UC 24 inch Integra 300 Series Fully Integrated Dishwasher - Black

The SHX43P16UC Dishwasher 24" Integra 300 series has been developed with high efficiency to spotlessly eliminate even the toughest soiling. In its elegantly finished black color, this dishwashing unit is sure to inspire through its aesthetics and efficiency.

Key features

- It exhibits durability with the tub’s stainless finish.
- It provides 4 Cycle washes and options to select from.
- It exhibits silence at 50dBA rate.
- It inhibits leaks and overflows.
- The unit complies with the stern standards of Energy Star for washing machines.
- It conserves up to 20% energy with just 259kW/yr consumption.
- It intensifies performance by means of the flow-through water heater.
- Guarantees clean water usage with the aid of its triple filtration system.
- It complies with the strict NSF standards of eliminating germs and bacteria effectively.
- It utilizes the condensation principles in drying dishes effectively.
- It provides adaptable racks and flexible silverware baskets for convenient cleaning.
- The unit regulates all cleaning processes and operations digitally.
- It has a multi-function LED that displays time.
- It offers two timer options – one for delayed timing and the other for quick cleaning.
- It keeps dishes spotless even after drying.


Silent but efficient. This is the trademark of Bosch dishwashers. Also, this is the very feature that loyal customers anticipate in SHX43P16UC Dishwasher 24" Integra 300 series and they are not mistaken.

The SHX43P16UC Dishwasher is a stainless tub that efficiently operates without noise. Quietly, it cleans soils with both the power of the flow-through water heater, triple filtration system and condensation processes. Its processes ensure that all unwanted bacteria and germs are thoroughly eliminated. So no stubborn dirt or soil is ever so tough with the SHX43P16UC Dishwasher Integra 300.

With 4 Cycle washes and options, this dishwasher works so efficiently that even leaks and overflows are prevented. It complies with the strict standards of Energy Star for washing machines. Thus, it conserves up to 20% of the energy consumption.

All processes are controlled digitally with the timer options that can either allow delayed or quick timer set. They all work silently and brilliantly to ensure that all dishes are spotlessly cleaned. So as they say, SHX43P16UC Dishwasher Integra 300 is not just any dishwashing unit in the market. It is an intelligent addition to the kitchen.


While a lot of the Bosch owners have appreciated the great convenience this model of dishwasher offers, a few have cited disadvantages after purchasing the product.

Some buyers complained about the inconveniences of the small slots when certain kitchenware and utensils are placed. A few tall items cannot be also cleaned in this unit. Also, customers find the unit a little costly than the other dishwashers in the market.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Efficient cleaning
- Virtually quiet
- Saves a lot of energy
- Includes water filtering in
- Keeps the unit off from leaks
- Cleans hygienically and dries fast
- Removes 99.9% of unwanted bacteria and germs
- Very convenient


- A little more expensive than the other brands
- Size is difficult to install in kitchens that use standard dishwasher slots

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