Bosch SHX45L05UC 24 inch DLX Series Fully Integrated Dishwasher - Stainless Steel

The Bosch SHX45L05UC Integra DLX 500 dishwasher is a 24” sleek and elegant stainless steel, high-end kitchen equipment. The machine offers four wash cycles to meet your dishwashing needs. The dishwasher operates in a virtually silent mode as it operates at about 47 decibels.

Key features

- The Bosch SHX45L05UC Integra DLX 500 has a stainless steel tall tub that is both elegant to look at and easy to clean.
- It operates quietly at only 47 decibels of sound. The machine utilizes two pumps to ensure minimal noise and vibration.
- It is designed with InfoLight Beams that turn on when the dishwasher is in use.
- The dishwasher is a certified energy-efficient machine that utilizes only 259 kwh/yr.
- It comes with an AquaStop Leak Protection mechanism that prevents water leaks
- It comes with a flow-through water heater.
- It makes use of a triple filtration system.
- For small load, there's the half load option.
- The concealed heating element makes sure that plastics won't melt.
- Dishes come out dry, thanks to the SaniDry Hygienic Condensation Drying feature.
- It has a multi-function LED display the indicates the remaining time.
- It has an end of cycle signal to alert users when dishwashing is done.
- It washes loads of dishes faster than others, in 30 minutes or less.


The Bosch SHX45L05UC Integra DLX 500 dishwasher has multiple certifications for energy efficiency. The Energy Star certifies that this dishwasher model only utilizes 259 kwh a year. The EcoSense technology also reduces energy usage by up to 20%. Not only is the dishwasher an extremely energy-efficient machine, the Bosch SHX45L05UC also allows half load washing for those small dishwashing loads. Dishes of all sizes will easily fit into the machine, as the racks are adjustable and the tub allows items up to 22" tall to fit inside. The dishwasher also ensures clean dishes with its NSF certification that proves that the washing technology eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria.


The high performance machine is quite expensive as it retails at more than a thousand dollarsh. One can choose to pay such an amount of money for a superb machine or look for another dishwasher class that performs just as well but will cost a lot less.

The dishwasher features are not unique to the Bosch series and are available in several other dishwashers. Also, the machine lacks certain features such as the child lock, glass protection, and a mezzanine rack.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- has indicator lights at the bottom of the machine
- has flexible dish rack
- dishes come out really clean and properly washed and dried
- stylish and modern
- prevents leaks
- has NSF certification
- energy-efficient
- works quietly in the background


- provides convenience in use but does not come with a child lock
- does not come with interior lights that make it difficult to pack in dishes at certain angles
- does not have glass protection
- fixed power connection does not allow for kitchen furniture and equipment rearrangement
- does not have a water softener feature
- a bit expensive for some

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