Bosch SHX45L15UC 24 inch Integra DLX 500 Dishwasher - Stainless Steel

The Bosch SHX45L15UC 24" Integra DLX 500 Series dishwasher is sure to fit any kitchen space. The dishwasher offers four wash cycle options that match most of your dishwashing needs. Like most dishwashers of the same brand, the Bosch SHX45L15UC 24" Integra DLX 500 Series dishwasher has a fixed plug connection, which requires users to choose an ideal spot in their kitchen for permanent installation.

Key features

- The Bosch SHX45L15UC 24" Integra DLX 500 Series dishwasher is a silent machine that operates at 47 dBA. - The solid base helps prevent unnecessary sound. The twin pumps also reduce noise and vibration.
- It is an energy-efficient kitchen appliance, having both an Energy Star rating and EcoSense technology, which reduces energy usage by up to 20%%.
- It has four cycles to choose from, including a 30-minute quick wash option for those light dishwashing needs.
- It also operates at a half load option, in case only a few dishes needs to be washed.
- It has an end of cycle sound feature that warns the user when the machine is finished with its work
- It is designed with a stainless steel tub to ensure durability and ease in cleaning.
- It features a flow-through water heater and triple filtration system for optimized washing options.
- It is NSF-certified, which means it can remove more than 99% of bacteria on dishes.


The Bosch SHX45L15UC has a 14 place setting capacity that allows several dishes to fit into the tub and the baskets for washing. The machine can also accommodate tall dishes with its extra tall sprinkler. The LED display indicates the remaining washing time, while the indicator lights at the bottom of the machine indicates that the machine is in use.

The machine also allows for a 30-minute quick wash for those light washing needs. You do not need to worry about forgetting your dishes as the machine has an end of cycle sound at the end of each wash cycle.

The racks are manually adjustable to allow a multitude of dishes to fit inside the tub for optimal cleaning. Plastic dishes are also safe due to the built-in heating system that ensures that plastic items will not melt.


With its current features, it makes a good dishwasher. However, the machine lacks certain features that could have made it a great dishwasher. Example, the dishwasher does not have a water softener system, which makes washing a little more difficult. Also, there are no interior lights and glass protection.

The dishwasher offers a limited four-level wash cycle. Other machines of the same make and dimensions offer five to six wash cycles.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- compact and can easily fit into any kitchen space.
- stainless steel body allows for ease in cleaning and added durability
- has the AquaStop leak prevention system
- energy-efficient with only 259 kwh/yr according to Energy Star
- adjustable racks that allow the user to arrange dishes properly in
- stylish and very modern
- cleans well


- no load sensor
- no child lock and glass protector
- no interior lights
- no special tray for fine cutlery and silverware
- spray pressure does not var

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