Bosch SHX45M01UC Dishwasher

by Doug Sammond
(Boulder, CO)

We paid the premium for Bosch appliances recently and really regret it. While this dishwasher (Model SHX45M) looks beautiful, it is no quieter than the Kenmore we had previously and has a terrible rack system that makes it difficult to wash a sufficient load of dishes without damaging dishes from banging against each other - particularly the top rack.

We have had more dishes crack in the last year than in the first ten years we had them. In addition, the top door seal falls off about every month and requires some acrobatics to reinstall each time. Also, the stupid thing doesn't turn itself off after it completes it's cycle. It goes into some kind of pause mode so that in order to start another load, one must manually terminate the previous run in addition to starting the next. Not great engineering for a German company (probably really designed and made in China along side the rest of them). Do yourself a favor buy a less expensive brand.

Our dishwasher is model: SHX45M - last year's model, so perhaps things have improved for the current model year. None-the-less, buyer beware and don't expect the extra cost buys you anything, but fancy cosmetics.

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Nov 22, 2012
Wost dishwasher ever
by: Anonymous

Bought this machine in 2007. Worked fine for about 18 months then we started getting massive white film on dishes. Played around with different rinse agents, no rinse agent, vinegar, gels, powders, packs, dishwasher name it. Took the arms off and made sure they weren't clogged. Over time it's gotten worse and now it just doesn't get dishes clean - it seems to cook food onto plates etc and silverware is a joke - don't even bother putting that in. I've had other friends in different areas (so I know it's not 'just' our water) with similar issues with their Bosch dishwashers. The only thing I can say about the machine is that it IS quiet - but it's so quiet because it doesn't CLEAN the #!% dishes. Never again will I buy a Bosch appliance of any sort.

Feb 03, 2011
You can do better
by: Anonymous

It's quiet when it is running but the beeping at the end of the cycle makes me crazy. I can't run the dishwasher at night when I go to bed because the loud beeping will wake me up. What is crazy is that it goes on for hours not a simple beep or two but rather on and on until you get up and shut it off. This issue alone makes me want to throw out the Bosch. The fact that at two years of age the handle is already falling apart tells me Bosch is not the quality appliance I thought I was buying. I live alone so if it is falling apart from the use I give it I wonder what would happen with a family. For the money there are better options

Sep 07, 2010
doesn't clean very well
by: Anonymous

Purchased Bosch SHX43M dishwasher because my 20 year old GE was getting so that it would not do a good enough job of clean knives that had a little peanut butter residue on it. I figured it was dying. Well, the brand new Bosch didn't do any better than the 20 year old GE! Also, my son drinks from plastic cups made by Tupperware. A thin residue builds up inside these cups. There is no drying cycle, so it air dries, which is okay with me. But when I open the door as soon as the washer beeps to tell me to do that there is moisture dripping down the door (this is okay) that seems slightly sudsy. This doesn't seem right, though I detect no taste of soap and have observed no soap residue. Lastly, and this is sure to effect you, the racks are terribly designed in terms of being able to load our style of dishes, which are not at all unusual in design. It is hard for me to believe that it is good for anyone's dishes.

Jul 31, 2010
Nothing beats a BOSCH
by: Brunhilde

I have had my Bosch Integra for 2 years and I have nothing but great things to say about it! It is so quiet that many times I will open the door and forget that it is on. Dishes are sparkling clean & no broken dishes ever! I always use "Electrasol Finish Tabs" - you can get them cheaper at Costco or BJ's. I even put stockpots on the top rack & they come out spotless:)
It was worth every penny I paid for it! Three of my relatives also have Bosch dishwashers & LOVE them.
*Miele makes a great dishwasher if you can afford it.

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