Bosch SHX45P06UC 24 inch Integra 500 Series Fully Integrated Dishwasher - Black

While on the process of refining old models of Integra, Bosch started to address its buyers’ concerns. The SHX45P06UC 24" Integra 500 Series Dishwasher is one of the models that has been developed to perfection.

Key features

- The tub’s interior has stainless steel finish.
- Offers 4 Cycle washes and options to fit the lifestyle and needs of the customer.
- Dishwashing is virtually silent with a 47dBA rate.
- Prevents leaks.
- Complies with the Energy Star standards.
- Saves up to 20% of the energy.
- Enhances performance with the flow-through water heater system.
- Ensures clean water with the triple filtration system.
- Complies with the NSF standards in cleaning and killing 99.9% of the harmful bacteria and germs.
- Uses condensation processes to dry dishes effectively.
- Provides ample space and slots for tall kitchenware or utensils.
- Provides flexible racks for convenient cleaning.
- Controls all processes and operations digitally.
- It Comes with a multi-function LED that shows even the remaining time of the dishwashing process.
- Provides 2 timer options –delayed timing option and quick washing option.
- Ensures spotless drying of dishes.


The old Bosch models had a number of problems about the size of the tubs and flexibility of the racks. In the SHX45P06UC 24" Integra 500 Series Dishwasher, Bosch attempted to resolve such concerns by with this improved model. While retaining the old features that have been loved by a lot of people, Bosch redesigned Integra to a model that cleans even the uncommonly tall utensils and kitchenware.

Equipped with 4 wash cycles and options, the SHX45P06UC Integra Dishwasher works efficiently with an astounding silence. It has durable stainless interiors. Its Triple Filtration System ensures clean water into the tub while its convection processes eliminates 99.9% of the unwanted germs and bacteria and dries dishes spotlessly, providing the best dishwashing results in just a short time. Plus, it saves as much as 20% of the energy consumption.

With all these advantages, most consumers have taken pride to have owned such units to perfection because of its ingenuity in dishwashing.


Much of the Bosch customers have appreciated this improved model of dishwashing unit because the developments answered their concerns. Thus, only a few disadvantages were cited in consumer reviews. One of the few disadvantages is the difficulty of having such a model in kitchens that have limited space or standard slot for dishwashers; but such disadvantage did not matter much on the unit’s popularity.

Another concern is that it is pricier than the other dishwashers in the market. Nevertheless, buyers still opted for the model for the benefits its intelligent features offer.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Efficient cleaning
- Virtually quiet
- Saves a lot of energy
- Includes water filtering system
- Protects the unit from leaks
- Cleans hygienically and dries fast
- Removes 99.9% of unwanted bacteria and germs
- Very convenient


- A little more expensive than the other brands
- Size is difficult to install in kitchens that have standard slots for dishwashers

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Sep 24, 2011
Unhappy with Bosch Dishwasher
by: Marlene

I've had my Bosch Dishwasher for 13 mos.; that's one month past warranty (which I've heard doesn't hold water).

I've run the dishwasher through 3x, same dishes & they still came out dirty. I tried loading it differently, the prongs that hold dishes are very narrow. It is not user friendly.

I had a repairman; he told me water was hot enough & soft enough. Bosch is very uncooperative with repairmen when they call for information. He also has a Bosch, which he is also sorry he bought. In fact, our appliance store does not stock them anymore.

I bought Bosch because it was suppose to be the best. I've previously had three Kitchen Aid dishwashers, in the past 35 years & had very little repair, if any, to them. I think Kitchen Aid Dishwashers are far superior to Bosch.

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