Bosch SHX45PO5UC

by Eileen
(Los Angeles, CA)

I love this dishwasher. After lots of research, based on a combination of energy efficiency, features, frequency of repairs, price and appearance, I decided on the Bosch SHX45PO5UC. Some reviews stated dishes came out wet, so I had some concerns. I took a leap of faith that as some reviewers said,if I followed the maufactureres directions, results would be good.

This dishwasher has totally exceeded my expectations! The manual says, you must use jet dry to obtain dry dishes and, as strange as that sounds, that is the key. I ran a cycle with no jet dry just to test the installation, and the dishwasher interior was dripping wet after the cycle ended. Then I filled the reservoir with jet dry and ran the unit again. The dishes were bone dry and sparkling clean! I have glass pot lids and glasses that have not looked this clean since the day they were purchased.

It is also a very quiet machine. The prong layout takes some getting used to, but even with my inept loading, everything is squeeky clean and spotless. This was defintely a great choice.

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