Bosch SHX4AP02UC 24 inch Ascenta Integra Dishwasher 4 Cycles - White

Like most of its family members, the SHX4AP02UC 24" Ascenta Integra Dishwasher is an excellent utility that is most acclaimed for its silence and cleaning efficiency. It has the outstanding qualities of the Ascenta product line and the best feature about Bosch appliances.

Key features

- It is a stainless tub, rust and stain preventive.
- There are 4 wash cycles and options available.
- It is virtually silent with 53 dBA rating due to two noise-reducing and vibration-minimizing pumps.
- The SHX4AP02UC has complied with the Energy Star standards, optimizing the efficiency of the dishwasher with its EcoSense feature. The latter feature reduces the energy consumption by 20%.
- It allows small loads with its Half Load option.
- It is equipped with a follow-through water heater and Triple Filtration System.
- It has an overflow leak protection.
- It dries dishes faster and efficiently with its SaniDry Condensation drying system.
- It contains standard racks and silverware baskets.
- The SHX4AP02UC dishwasher has two available timed options ? Quick Wash and Delay Start Timer.
- With its OptiDry feature, spotless drying is ensured.


SHX4AP02UC 24" Ascenta Integra Dishwasher is of Bosch?s finest, effective and sophisticated washing systems. Housed with a stainless tub that prevents rusts and stains, this dishwashing machine is virtually silent.

It is Energy Star compliant and its EcoSense feature minimizes 20% of the energy consumption. This feature automatically regulates water and heat usage to save energy.

Even if the tub is not full, with its Half Load option, the dishes placed on its standard racks and silverware basket would still efficiently be cleaned. It comes with an improved dishwasher rack, taller than regular dishwashing units and more durable with thicker wires. Eating utensils are also provided with slots for effective cleaning.

It is equipped with the follow through water heater that ensures that the tub is combined for quick and effective washing of dishes; and having passed the NSF standards, SHX4AP02UC Acenta Integra Dishwasher ensures all the dishes to be 99.9% free from bacteria or germs. So, even the finest dirt is removed by this remarkable dishwashing unit.


Over the internet, most owners confirm the extraordinary capabilities of the SHX4AP02UC Acenta Integra Dishwasher. They find the SHX4AP02UC Acenta Integra Dishwasher expensive compared to the other dishwashers sold in the market. It as well does not provide ample utility baskets for other utensils like cutlery and other small items.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Has 4 different cycles and options to select from
- Virtually silent
- Made of stainless steel, a lifetime guarantee that it is durable, rust-free and stain-preventive
- Reduces energy usage by 20%
- Dries dishes faster
- Complies with NSF standards, with a 99.9% guarantee of eliminating germs and bacteria
- Has sprinkle system to clean extra tall items
- Allows cleaning of half or less of the dishwasher?s capacity
- Thoroughly cleans with its triple filtration system
- Softens water to eliminate spots caused by lime deposits


- Expensive
- Has no extra utility basket

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