Bosch SHX65P02UC Integra 500 Series 24 inch Integrated Dishwasher

The Bosch SHX65P02UC 24" Integra 500 series is marketed as one of the most silent dishwashers with a noise rating of just 50 dBA, about the average rating of a modern automobile’s interior volume. With the dishwasher running, one can watch TV shows and even sleep without getting bothered by the noise.

Key features

- It has a two-pump motor system, triple insulation and suspension motor that make the dishwasher work quietly.
- Coated with rust-free and stainless interiors, the dishwasher is ensured that it is durable and hygienic.
- Racks are coated with nylon to avoid cuts and nicks.
- The water is heated up to the sanitizing temperature to ensure that the dishes are 99.9% clean.
- It features the SaniDry Condensation drying for an efficient and bacteria free condensation drying.
- It is equipped with the Ecosense Wash Management System that checks the water condition.
- The Triple Filtration System ensures that the water distributed and pumped are clean.
- The Half Load feature enables a user to wash small loads.
- Its OptiDry feature automatically increases the time for rinsing and drying.


As advertised, the SHX65P02UC is truly one of the quietest dishwashers in the market. It is equipped with various systems that aid users to wash and dry dishes efficiently. The model’s capabilities to heat up to the sanitizing temperature ensure that all the dishes washed will bebacteria-free.

It is durable with its stainless finish and it is flexible with its rack flip tines. Also, this model would allow you to wash small quantities of dishes. They are all adjustable and can be accommodated – either raised or lowered.


There are only a few complaints about SHX65P02UC. Most of the complaints are on the price. Like most of the efficient dishwasher brands, the SHX65P02UC is sold at a rather high price.

Other complaints were on the physical features of the product. There were mostly unsatisfied with the rack design and layout. For instance, the water intake port is placed inconveniently.

Also, a number of customers were dissatisfied with the User Manual provided by the manufacturer. The typically-distributed manual is just printed in 4 pages. They contain a lot of discrepancies in the models and features that are confusing for some customers.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Durable because it is made of stainless steel
- Energy-efficient with a 20% energy reduction for only 259 kwh/yr
- Reliable for smaller loads with the Half-load Option and extra tall items with the Sprinkler feature
- Bacteria-free with the water flow-through heater
- Leak-protected
- Germ-free with its Hygienic Condensation Drying feature
- Convenient with its adjustable rack
- Spotless drying
- Virtually silent
- Sleek looking


- A bit pricey
- One cannot tell if the dishwasher is truly on until after it finishes
- Nagging alarm
- Smells chemically
- Water intake port has an inconvenient orientation
- Instruction manual is not helpful
- Lots of discrepancies in the model and features
- Water level is not easily identified except by means of a censor
- Rack design and layout needs improvement

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