Bosch SHX68E15UC Integra 800 Plus Series Fully Integrated Dishwasher - Stainless Steel

The Bosch 800 Plus Series SHX68E15UC dishwasher is a newer version of the SHX68E05UC. What makes the SHX68E15UC different from the SHX68E05UC is that it has a load-size sensor that makes the wash cycle automated.

It also has a full-text, multi-function LCD display that makes unit operation more convenient. Aside from that, it has a noise reduction of 2dB, which earns it the title of "quietest dishwasher in the United States." Aside from that, this dishwasher also offers several more folding plate racks, as well as more space for dishes.

Key features

- Virtually silent at 40 dBA, this dishwasher is considered as the quietest in the USA market. It also has two pumps that work to minimize vibration and noise.
- The solid base of the SHX68E15UC prevents leaks, so you can be sure that you won't end up with a wet floor.
- Using up only 180 kwh/yr, it is approved by Energy Star, which means that you can be sure of its energy efficiency.
- The water softener feature makes sure that you get perfect cleaning results for your dishes.
- Its ActiveTab Tray optimizes the dissolving of detergent, so you won't have to put in lots of detergent just to get your dishes clean.
- It has a 15 place setting capacity, and the VarioFlex Plus racks offer you the most flexible loading. There's also a 3rd rack if you need to wash more dishes. You can use the upper rack that can be adjusted to three different loading levels.
- The multi-function full text LCD display will make it easy for you to operate the machine, and the end of cycle sound will let you know when the cycle is already done.


What's great about this dishwasher is that it cleans very well. It has a triple filtration system so you can be sure that your dishes will come out very clean. It also has a leak protection system that prevents water leakage.

This dishwasher model makes use of the EcoSense system, which decreases the usage of energy by up to 20%. It sanitizes dishes to eliminate bacteria. Aside from that, its concealed heating element ensures that no plastic dishes will melt. There's a half load option if you just want to wash small loads.


Some consumers have complained that plastic dishes still come out wet because Bosch dishwashers use condensation drying and its heating element doesn't come in the tub. Metal and ceramic dishes will also dry sharp when this kind of drying technique is used, and sometimes, the dishes still come out a bit drippy in some spots.


- built-in water softener
- energy-efficient
- lots of space for dishes
- dishes come out clean
- visually pleasing
- works very quietly
- solid base prevents leaks
- stylish, modern design with stainless steel finish


- no heating element in the tub
- dishes may come out still wet
- plastic dishes don't dry thoroughly

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Dec 07, 2011
Detergent Dispencer
by: Anonymous

The detergent dispencer doesn't open properly. It goes through the whole cycle and when I get ready to put dishes away the dispencer is closed.
the dishes aren't always clean. Very disappointed in performance.

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