Bosch SHX68P05UC Integra 800 24 inch Stainless Steel Under Counter Dishwasher

The SHX68P05UC 24" Integra 800 Series Dishwasher is a stainless steel, build-under dishwasher with a concealed heating element. It has six wash cycles and three options.

Its stainless steel finish gives it a sleek, visually appealing look. Manufactured by Bosch, this dishwasher is designed to perform at the highest levels to remove coiling on dishes and cookware.

Key features

- With its half load option, you can wash small loads of dishes. The multi-function LED display will show you the time remaining before you have to take out the load.
- When it comes to convenience, this dishwasher offers you much. With its Quick Wash, you can get your dishes cleaned in a span of just 30 minutes or less.
- If you're particular about noise, you won't have to worry about this dishwasher model. At 44 dBA, it's virtually silent and you won't even be bothered by the sound.
- The end of cycle sound signals when the dishes are done and ready to be taken out.
- Its flow-through water heater and concealed heating element makes sure that the water is heated efficiently, without making it too hot for plastics. Plastic dishes and cookware won't melt in this dishwasher.
- This dishwasher also features an adjustable upper rack, so you can put in oversized platter and tall items.
- With its solid base, you can be sure that leaks are prevented, and you don't have to worry about your floor getting wet.


When it comes to getting dishes clean, this dishwasher does the job well. One of the great things about this dishwasher is that it is Energy Star-certified, which means that it does not only cleans your dishes, but it also makes sure that it uses the least amount of energy possible in order to do so.

It also minimizes the use of water, so you get to save on that too, which translates to additional savings. It has two pumps that minimize noise, and you can be sure that this runs quietly and won't disturb you as you go about other tasks while the dishes are being cleaned. There's also the sanitize option that kills bacteria and aims to enhance the drying of cookware.


Some users have complained about the drying ability of this dishwasher. Since Bosch dishwashers use a technology called condensation drying, not all plates come out dry. Ceramic and metal dishes may dry sharp, and plastic dishes sometimes come out dripping.

Others have also complained about loose parts and problems with the motor. Others have also complained that this dishwasher doesn't remove coffee or tea stains from cups.


- one of the most silent dishwashers in the United States
- Energy Star-certified
- uses only the right amount of water for cleaning
- aesthetically pleasing
- features an adjustable rack for tall items and oversized dishes
- 14 place setting capacity
- has a solid base that prevents leaks


- dishes sometimes don't dry thoroughly
- coffee and tea stains aren't thoroughly removed
- there is no heating element in the tub itself

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