Bosch SHX6AP05UC Ascenta Series 24 inch Under Counter Dishwasher - Stainless Steel

The Bosch SHX6AP05UC Ascenta Integra dishwasher fits most standard built-in kitchen space. The stainless steel body is guaranteed to be rust-proof and is also easy to clean. This stainless steel dishwasher by Bosch is surely an elegant, efficient, and convenient appliance for any kitchen.

Key features

- It offers two options and up to six wash cycles for all your cleaning needs: Power Scrub Plus, Auto, Regular, Delicate/ Economy Wash, Quick Wash, and the Rinse and Hold.
- It works as quietly as possible at 50 dBA. This is possible with its two pumps that minimize noise production and excess vibration.
- It is energy-efficient with Energy Star certification. It uses only 300 kwh/yr. The EcoSense technology also reduces energy consumption by up to 20%.
- It employs the trademark flow-through water heating system that allows for speedy and easy water heating to clean dishes more efficiently.
- It comes with the Bosch exclusive 24/7 Overflow Leak Protection feature.
- It can accommodate up to 14 place setting.
- It is designed with a silverware basket, two cup shelves and 300 series racks.


Get totally clean dishes with the Bosch SHX6AP05U. This dishwasher model is equipped with a triple filtration system for the water it uses. It is also NSF-certified, which means that it can eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria.

The trademark SaniDry hygienic condensation system is also installed in the dishwasher to ensure that your dishes stay clean up to the end of the cleaning process. The dishwasher also has a 30-minute quick wash option for those easy wash needs. The half load cycle option is also available in the dishwasher.

All cycles end with an buzzing sound to alert users that the dishes are done. No need to check on your dishwasher every few minutes.


The dishwasher has a limited dish capacity compared to other dishwashers of the same dimensions. Both the top and bottom racks are placed low and cannot accommodate most tall and odd-shaped dishes. Like most dishwashers from the brand, this one has a fixed plug connection, which makes installation pretty much permanent.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- comes with six wash cycle options that fit almost all cleaning needs
- energy-saver (with Energy Star certification and EcoSense technology)
- equipped with the AquaStop feature that ensures against water leaks
- plastic dishes are safe from melting due to the concealed heating element
- has multiple delay start times (3h, 6h, 9h)
- stylish and modern
- can clean well


- has relatively less capacity than dishwashers of the same dimensions
- top and bottom racks are adjustable but are relatively low
- no provisions for sprinklers for taller items.
- does not have a water softener, child lock, interior lights, and a load sensor
- does not have an indicator light to determine if the machine is running
- spray pressure is fixed and does not allow for variation
- no separate segments or trays for delicate items such as silverware and cutlery.

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