Bosch SHX6AP06UC Ascenta Series 24 inch Under Counter Dishwasher - Black

The first release of the SHX6AP06UC 24" Ascenta Integra Dishwasher in the market has earned much credit from the Bosch users. With its elegant black finish and excellent performance, it has made it to the top of the line.

Key features

- It demonstrates durability with its stainless finish in the interiors.
- It provides 4 Wash Cycles and options to choose from.
- It works silently at 50dBA rate.
- It restrains leaks and overflows.
- It conforms to the strict standards of Energy Star.
- It saves as much as 20% of the energy consumption at 300kW/yr.
- It enhances the washing performance through the flow-through water heater.
- The unit assures that clean water is used through the triple filtration system.
- It conforms to the stringent NSF standards in killing germs and bacteria effectively.
- The unit provides 300 Series racks with flexible silverware baskets for handy cleaning.
- It controls cleaning operations digitally.
- It provides two timer options for delayed timing and for quick cleaning.
- It ensures that all dishes spotlessly clean even after drying.


Like most Bosch dishwashers, the SHX6AP06UC 24" Ascenta Integra Dishwasher exhibits silence while working efficiently. This and a lot more of its great features have always pleased Bosch users.

Housed in an elegant black finish, the tub?s interiors are made of stainless steel that prevents undesirable overflows and leaks. At work, it uses the flow-through water heater and the triple filtration system to ensure that the dishes are cleaned thoroughly and hygienically. With its concealed heating element and compliance with the NSF standards, 99.9% of the undesirable germs and bacteria are eliminated.

Plus, this Ascenta Integra dishwashing unit works so efficiently without taking so much energy. In fact, it has passed the most stringent standards of Energy Star because it saves as much as 20% of the average energy consumption of dishwashers.

The cleaning processes of SHX6AP06UC 24" Ascenta Integra Dishwasher are all digitally controlled. All are easily set in two ways ? using the quick wash timer and delayed start timer. In such ways, energy can be used consumed during off-peak hours to conserve. Thus, a brilliant feature that allows excellent cleaning performance at low energy costs and minimum noise. Such a smart value for the entire household!


While most owners of Bosch love the noiseless feature and excellent performance of Bosch, the SHX6AP06UC 24" Ascenta Integra Dishwasher has also been noted to have a few, minor disadvantages.One of which is the cost of this dishwashing unit. It is a bit pricey compared to the other brands. However a lot of the customers who complained about the costs have also considered the disadvantage not a big factor to dislike Bosch. For them, the costs are just as much as they get.

The functionality of the racks is another complaint raised by some users. They mentioned that a number of pieces of kitchenware, mostly the tall and nonstandard-sized, cannot be cleaned by this dishwashing unit.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Efficient cleaning
- Works quietly
- Saves a lot of energy
- Uses water filtering to ensure clean water usage
- Prevents from overflows and leaks
- Cleans well and dries fast
- Kills 99.9% of the unwanted bacteria and germs
- Very convenient


- A bit pricey than other brands
- Slots in racks are too small for nonstandard kitchen items

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