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This is my second Bosch dishwasher. The first machine I bought was for our last house and I am sure that it is still working perfectly. It was a bit more than I wanted to pay but the salesman talked me into it. I loved it from day one. It was so quiet!

When we purchased our second home, the first thing I did was replace the dishwasher with our current Bosch model. I have been very pleased again. With two small boys this dishwasher has run at least one load every day.

The only con that some people find is that the machines do not have a heated dry option. The reason is the way the water is heated and you may want to refer to a more technical review. No problem for us because the dishes are very clean and the machine is so quiet!

Highly recommend the Bosch dishwashers - you will not be disappointed!

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Jul 31, 2010
6 years old & like new! Love my BOSCH dishwasher!
by: JenniferL

I purchased my first BOSCH high-end model (shy66c), 6 years ago (it's now July 31,2010). I have a black one with invisible controls at top of door.

Still looks like new inside (all shiny stainless), still works like new- cleans everything better than any dishwasher brand I've ever owned, & is still super quiet.

It takes a little longer to run than other past brands- but it really saves water & energy- so that's the compromise you make.

I crack open the door when the quiet beeper goes off- so the steam can escape and it won't condense inside at all.

In less than a minute, I easily remove the food collector screen (inside-bottom) and rinse it out in the sink & replace. About one a month. That's it. (We dump solids off before washing because there is no grinder or disposal at the bottom & it just takes a moment & it's silly not to do it.)

Occasionally I run the super hot cycle- maybe once every 6 months, if I've left dishes in that closed-up damp environment for over a week if we leave without turning it on- to sterilize & remove any mold (that would have grown in any damp dishwasher). This machine cleans even that off spotlessly.

I ran out of my spot remover solution at least 2 years ago and decided to go without it- which works just fine, even though I live in Southern California with super hard water. No spots.

If you're deciding what brand to get- you won't be sorry if you get a BOSCH. Get the most expensive model you can afford - for the maximum features- like silence and super hot cycle.

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