Bosch Silence Plus 50dBA

by Barbara
(Wellesley, MA)

I bought my Bosch Silence Plus 50 dBA about a year ago. I thought I would be used to the quirks by now, but sadly I am very unhappy with it.

In the showroom of a high end appliance store the salesman told me that a light would shine on the floor when the cycle is complete. Well apparently mine isn't one of the models with the indicator light.

I thought it was broken so I called the salesman and he had to look it up and then told me I don't have that feature.

*The bottom tray runs off the track easily.

*You have to remove the 3 part filter about once a week and scrub all the debris off it. I rinse my dishes very well but this filter still gets very dirty.

*The trays hold about half as much as my previous KitchenAid dishwasher, and I am constantly struggling to make my dishes fit. The trays' configurations are just not very user friendly.

*The only positive thing I can say about this machine is that it is quieter than my Kitchenaid was.

* I thought I was upgrading when I bought this, and clearly I should have stayed with KitchenAid brand.

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