Bosch SilencePlus 50 dBA

SO MUCH GRIEF! I used to like doing dishes but this dishwasher has made it so frustrating. The bottom door slides off its track EVERYTIME you pull it out which is a pain when full of dishes. The top drawer wheels just randomly unclip and fall off making the dishes crash to the bottom level. The soap dispenser is designed horribly cause the clip is so small it doesn't clip shut so you have to use both hands (or one if you want artherites early)...not to mention if a bit of soap kernels get in the way of the lock you have to bend down and blow it out which makes for a interesting situation because you end up blowing soap kernels everywhere onto the door and floor. The only positive thing about the soap dilemma is my mom has a dog that it and I have never bonded, in fact the opposite, so I'm always hoping it'll come buy and lick it up and die suddenly LOL

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