BOSCH SRV53C03UC Integra Series 18 Inch Dishwasher - Fully Integrated

The SRV53C03UC is among the best examples of a practical dishwasher with a stylish touch. The SRV53C03UC is one of the better midrange dishwashers from Bosch with some better-than-average features. It is also among the dishwashers that hold the Energy Star seal, allowing you to enjoy savings on power and water. For those looking for a midrange yet affordable unit, the SRV53C03UC is a good choice.

Key features

- Stainless Steel tall tub is more durable than plastic tubs featured in dishwashers of other brands.
- Triple filtration system makes sure that no food particles contaminate the cleaning water by subecting the water through three filtration cycles.
- The dishwashing unit not only removes food particles. It removes germs and bacteria as well with its NSP-certified washing cycles.
- The unit also comes with the SENSOTRONIC advanced soil scanning eye which scans the dishes for soiling. This way, no surface of the dishes is left untouched.
- Condensation drying is another useful feature that facilitates quick and energy-efficient drying.
- The Energy star seal helps users generate coniderable savings in power and water.
- Adjustable rack heights is also another feature that allows you to fit various kinds and heights of dishes and glasses inside the washer by adjusting the height of the racks.
- Enjoy the quietness of the unit when its running. The SRV53C03UC runs with a noise level of 46 DB which is considerably lower compared to other dishwashing units.
- Heavy wash cycle is one useful feature for washing heavily-soiled dishes. Other wash cycles are also there for users to choose from.
- Air dry technology is one option for those who want to save up on energy bills. With this feature, the washer uses very hot water to rinse which evaporates very quickly, allowing the dishes to dry on their own.


The low noise level is one of the favorite advantages of this unit. The bare mechanical front is also another favorite because it shows the controls in a simple and manual arrangement. The unit is also easy to install and considering its features, the unit is relatively affordable. Consumers like the sturdy build of this unit as well as the stylish design of both the exterior and the control panels.


One of the most common complaints is the lack of prongs in the lower space. Some users also complain about the price of the unit which has features that may not be useful for basic users. Some also experience early breakdown of some of the dishwashing parts. Some of the parts that easily break apart include the seal, the soap cup, and the dishwashing rack.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Stylish design
- Exceptionally quiet
- Easy to install, very sturdy
- For some, it is affordable considering its features
- Cleans efficiently
- Does not use too much energy


- Not enough racks at the bottom
- Short life cycle
- Poor quality of some of the dishwasher parts
- Limited in color and design choices
- Sometimes can be difficult to load due to the rack design

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