Brand: ROPER Model: RUD5750DBO

by Michael
(Taylor, PA. USA)

My 14 year-old ROPER dishwasher

My 14 year-old ROPER dishwasher

Many years ago, I was in the market for a dishwasher. Never having one before, I opted to go for name brand; and because it was before internet awareness, I really had to shop around.

After viewing numerous makes and models, it came down to G.E. or Whirlpool. Both seemed to have equal features and value. As I was about the make my purchase, the salesperson pointed out that Roper was a division of Whirlpool, and that I could save a little money with that brand. So the sale was made.

The dishwasher features pot scrubbing and energy saving cycles, with 7 simple push-button controls and a dial to set the time of wash cycle. There are two roll-out racks, a removable silverware basket, and the top rack uses 4 'cup shelf' flaps that also serve to hold lightweight items in place beneath them. If you've ever washed a load with light plastic cups, you'll find them upside down and full of rinse water when it's done ... so this is a feature well worth having. The door panel is reversible to black or almond color.

This particular model was made for occasional usage, having a faucet/sink adapter, and stored when not in use. It had an attractive cabinet, with a wooden butcher-block top, and was on rollers. It served me well for 2 years that way.

When I purchased a home, I needed to make it built-in, so I removed the cabinet, top, bottom weight (a concrete block), electric wire and the flush/fill assembly. Then I purchased a washer hose, drain hose, a under-sink drain 'T', and electrical wire. While this is best left to a pro, my adaptation has worked well since done.

It has been just over 14 years since purchase, and this unit is still going strong!

I would definitely recommend ROPER/WHIRLPOOL to anyone who wants an appliance for the long haul.

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Dec 14, 2009
It really does great dish washing
by: Anonymous

- Can greatly remove food particles from dishes
- Easy to use

- Rack can hold limited amount dishes
- It uses a lot of spot remover.

This prevents the other clean dishes from receiving transferred food particles. Another great thing about my dishwasher is the ease of use. The control buttons are easy to read and press, and there are many combination of features to be used.

My dishwasher has a couple of things I would like to see improved. First, I wish the racks could hold more dishes. There are few ways to stack and insert dishes, which means I have to run the dishwasher more often.

Another thing I would like to see change about my dishwasher is the fact that it uses a lot of spot remover. For each load of dishes, it uses about a quarter of a bottle of spot remover. I would like to see more efficiency in this usage.

On a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being the worst and 5 being the best, I would rate my dishwasher a 3. There are several things I really like about it, but there are also a few things that would prevent me from buying another model like it.

When in the market of buying dishwashers, it is difficult to see if one is good or not, because one cannot run the dishwasher in the store. I speak only from experience.

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