Brandt AAA class

by Ben
(St. Genis France)

We (my fiancee and I) have currently been using our Brandt dishwasher in France for about 7 months. It is much smaller (about half the size) of a typical American dishwasher, and as such we must do a load of washing at least once per day.

A very nice feature of this model, is that their are two spinning water jets on both the bottom and top racks. This means no angling of pots and pans in the bottom tray to allow water to spray the top rack.

The washer comes with the benefit of being able to blend into the cabinetry, which makes it less of an eye sore than most American washers.

The cycle lasts roughly 2 hours, but everything comes out clean. The water only comes in from the cold water line, and the water is then heated by the washer itself, and the water must also have salt added to soften the water. The input for the salt is quite difficult to reach into and it is difficult to see how much salt remains in the reservoir.

I have found the dishwasher to be quite loud. And unfortunately when the washing cycle is over there are somewhat loud beeps that signal drying is about to begin. So starting the washer around when you want to sleep is not the best idea if you're a light sleeper.

The washer was included with this rental property so we did not shop around for it and cannot compare its relative cost to similar models around us, nor back in the states.

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