Candy CED 110

by Kelly
(Lier, Belgium)

We bought our dishwasher, a Candy CED 110, from a store here in Belgium called Makro which is similar to Sam's Club back in the US. We have had our dishwasher approximately one year. We purchased our previous dishwasher used and it was time for a replacement. We needed a dishwasher that was large enough for a family of six and energy efficient. We also wanted one with options for drying and a small or light load.

This dishwasher provided all of that. The bottom rack has sections which fold flat so you can place large or odd shaped items in the bottom. Also, the silverware rack is removable and resizable which is very handy.

We have been very satisfied with this dishwasher. When we have a light load with only plates and glasses from a lunch, it is nice to be able to use the one hour cycle which means your lunch dishes are done before dinner. Great when you family over for the whole day.

This dishwasher also features a light which turns on when the salt needs to be refilled for the machine. There is also a reservoir for the rinsing agent and it would have been nice to have a light which lets you know when that is empty because now you just have to remember to try and fill as that is the only way to see how full it is.

The door of the dishwasher does not open completely level so the bottom rack, which rolls out on to the door, does not stay completely pulled out.

Other than the two minor issues mentioned, this is a great machine and we are thankful to have it. It was reasonable priced, within our budget and certainly more energy efficient than our previous one. We would highly recommend this dishwasher to a large family looking for a good, reliable dishwasher on a budget.

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