Classic 4205 SCu

by Ben
(Edmonton Canada)

When we first started to use the dishwasher it had a high whine sound at certain stages in the cycle. It worked fine but this is a long term purchase and we didn't think we could live with the noise.

Called for service and we are impressed, technician was out the next business day - phoned when he said he would and listened to our complaint when he arrived. He did all the diagnostic checks and everything was ok but he decided to put in a new pump as he had not heard the noise before (new model he hadn't worked with). If that didn't work he was going to contact someone who could talk to the factory in Germany.

However it did work, the noise was gone. The dishwasher is now working well and we really like the cutlery drawer. It also gives us confidence that we made the right purchase decision and our service from the office in Edmonton (Alberta Canada) gets very high ratings.

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