Counter Top Dishwasher Review - Koldfront PDW60EB

This Koldfront counter top dishwasher review (PDW60EB) makes your work easier when searching for the perfect portable dishwasher.

We’ve done all the leg-work, scouring the internet and summarizing both the key features and customer feedback for this mini dishwasher model, right here in one place!

Koldfront is one of the “marquee brands” for Living Direct, Inc. (with the other marquee brand being Edgestar). 

Koldfront offers a vast array of portable appliances. One of their most popular is the PDW60EB counter top dishwasher.

Koldfront PDW60EB – Key Features

  • Compact size. Black exterior (also available in white)
  • Stainless steel interior. 
  • Holds plates 10 ½” in diameter
  • Water consumption: 3.8 gallons
  • Rinse aid dispenser
  • Removable silverware tray
  • Adjustable racks

Price Category - Under $350

Detailed Counter Top Dishwasher Review: Koldfront PDW60EB

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Customer Opinions – Advantages and Disadvantages:

Overall, most customer reviews we found were very positive regarding this black dishwasher model. It does what it says in terms of compact build, load capacity, and ease of use.

It is also relatively quiet, especially for a counter top dishwasher. It has a sleek design (as much as a countertop dishwasher can have). Most agree it is an excellent buy for the money.

There were complaints that seemed to come from the fact that the PDW60EB can only be attached at the sink/faucet level, and there are operating problems when placed below that. If a problem does occur, there is no screen or alarm to notify you.

A few reviews can be found that also cite the awkward “picture” dial (wishing, instead, for a digital display).

Most of the gripes focused around the installation, but in the scheme of things, these problems were not monumental or enough to outweigh the many pros of this mini dishwasher. You will need a faucet with a threaded fitting at the end. If you need an attachment though, the fix should be easy. Just take some measurements (also pictures), and head to the hardware store.

Features As Promoted by Koldfront:

  • Designed to fit on most countertops and under overhead cabinets, without requiring permanent installation.
  • Six wash cycles including a heavy wash cycle and an internal heater to boost water temperature for better cleaning.
  • Much lower energy use than similar counter top dishwashers - Koldfront claims 61% less with a typical yearly use of just 200 kilowatt hours

Pros and Cons Identified by the Team:


  • Easy to operate
  • Generally fits on any counter
  • No permanent changes needed to plumbing or cabinetry
  • Unexpectedly quiet
  •  Can accommodate large plates, pot/pans thanks to a removable silverware basket and adjustable racks
  • Energy efficient


  • The console dial uses pictures instead of words (no digital display)
  • Can’t run or install below the sink/faucet level
  • No specific alarm/alert for problems while running
  • Be sure to clean the filter after each wash
  • Could be tricky to install if you don’t have a threaded fitting at the end of your faucet (easy to find the right adapter though)

What does this mean for you? 

It’s relatively small size (just over 17 inches tall, almost 22 inches high, almost 20 inches deep) can fit on most counters and under most cabinetry, and would make a good small apartment dishwasher. You may need to stop by the hardware store for an adapter, but once you have it, installation should go smoothly.

The multiple wash cycles and high heat can both clean and sanitize yucky dishes. And since it’s comparatively energy efficient (though not considered an “Energy Star”?), you will spend less to run it each year.

If you want a small, portable dishwasher, and you aren’t cleaning dishes for an army of people, this could be a contender for you.

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On the Edgestar/Koldfront website you can find additional images and the Product Owner’s Manual (PDF), as well as a 4:56 minute video on using the PDW60EB.

Other items:

The Koldfront PDW60EB is widely available to buy online, including the Edgestar website (priced significantly higher there), Amazon, and


Date of Review by Team – April 2013.

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