Danby 18" Built-in dishwasher (model#DDW1802)

by Donelle
(New Milford, NJ, USA)

My boyfriend and I were looking for apartments and one of the bonuses we had hoped to find was a dishwasher. We got lucky, well sort of, because the apartment we chose had a brand new kitchen, including a mini (compact) dishwasher.

The washer is the Danby 18” washer and I do love it. This is mainly because I think it’s so cute and it’s just the right size for 2 people. Our pots and pans sort-of fit, depending on where we place them, but there is a bit of space between the tops of our plates and the top rack, so we can usually put a pan there and it works out just fine.

I think the bottom rack is arranged a bit weird though, and the utensil rack sucks because our forks and knives can slip through the holes sometimes. It basically gets the job done though, I just have to be careful with not blocking off the soap dispenser, otherwise if you have a large pot or pan in the way when you close it, the soap doesn’t open (this can happen with any of the door-soap dispensers though).

It’s a bit noisy, but not too much; I just know when it’s on- no biggie. I do find it helpful to clean out the bottom because so items can fall in there during a rigorous wash.

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Jul 24, 2012
A Bad Decision
by: Steve in Seattle

We installed this model because a "standard" size was too wide. After about one month of use the soap dispenser stopped working and water was occasionally left standing in the bottom of the unit. We've been waiting over a month for Danby's repair contractor to return with the "parts" he said were broken. Albert Lee in Seattle has agreed to take the unit back. Spend a little more and get a "Name" brand.

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