Danby DDW1805W Designer Series Free-Standing Dishwasher

by Ovidiu Burduja
(New York, NY, USA (temp. relocated))

My wife and I recently leased part of our house and moved to another location: I got a new job there, and my wife had lots of friends from college in that area. We didn?t want to leave our homes without the basic needs, among which was also our Danby dishwasher.

We liked the Danby because our initial home is located in the countryside, therefore not being connected to the city?s sewer system. That is why we also had to buy our dishwasher, when we bought the house. We opted for the Danby DDW1805W Designer Series Free-Standing Dishwasher ? and boy, am I glad we did.

My wife encountered the Danby while surfing the Internet, and she was impressed by both the reviews, as well as by the price and the low water-consumption level of the Danby dishwasher.

We really are overwhelmed by the ease of use and the low space the Danby occupies in our house. The dishes are always clean, and the sounds made during the wash are barely noticeable. In fact, I always have to ask the wife if she is doing the dishes because I can?t hear the Danby DDW1805W Designer Series Free-Standing Dishwasher running. And that, my friend, is late at night, when everything is quiet around the house.

As a conclusion, I would like to recommend the Danby DDW1805W Designer Series Free-Standing Dishwasher for its water consumption level (which really is very low), occupied space, noise level, and cleanness of finished product, if I may say so. It really is an amazing dishwasher machine.

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Dec 02, 2010
very pleased with this purchase
by: Anonymous

I am very pleased with my purchase of this portable dishwasher. It was quite affordable and is efficiently functional for my small home of two. It has smooth gliding wheels and I love that I can easily move it to any place in my kitchen for use or storage. This particular model I purchased is also energy efficient which I am a fan of. It uses only 280 kWh/year compared to 531 kWh/year that similar models use. It has 2 warning lights on the front so you will be notified when it needs more rinse aid solution or water softener. This model also comes with a “Plus Button” setting which is handy to use with a normal cycle where pots and pans have caked-on and dry foods on them. It comes with a stainless steel interior which makes cleaning it quick and easy.

Although I am satisfied overall with my purchase there are also a couple low points of this machine. The unit requires a connection to your faucet for its’ input and output of water, therefore rendering the sink unusable for other activities while the wash cycle is active. The hoses that connect from the dishwasher to the faucet are just barely long enough and give the unit only a few inches of movement when connected. Also the normal wash cycle with the “Plus Button” engaged seems to take a few hours to complete which seems a little long to me and I always find myself wanting access to the sink while the dish washer is running.

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