Danby DDW1899WP 18" Portable Dishwasher - White

The Danby Energy Star portable dishwasher was built to take up a small amount of space. It measures 18 inches wide, but when you look inside the stainless steel wash basin, you’ll find lots of space. It boasts that it can hold 8 place settings with silverware, but you can also squeeze in a few pots and pans. It has an automatic detergent dispenser and castors so that it can move around the room or be rolled out of the way when finished.

One of the best features of the Danby portable dishwasher is that it is energy star rated, so it consumes a low amount of water. It still gets the dishes incredibly clean, but it uses quite a bit less water than the typical giant built-in model. Another pro of this machine is that is uses a lot less detergent than regular models but still does a great job getting the dishes clean.

However, the manual that comes with it is completely useless. It doesn’t detail the accessories that come with the dishwasher, such as the funnel that is supposedly used to refill the softener salts. The manual also does not detail that the salts have to be bought online, as they are European. It also does not explain the beeping toward the end of the cycle, which actually indicates that the hose can be detached from the faucet. Another thing is that the washer has to be left alone until the cycle is completely finished or there will be standing water in the bottom. The full cycle takes about 2 hours to run, and although you can unload the dishes at any time during the drying cycle, if it is not complete the water will not completely drain This dishwasher is still a great buy for the money.

Rating 4 out of 5

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