Dishwasher Drawers Change the Way You Do Dishes

Do dishwasher drawers change your dishwashing experience?  The simple answer is yes.  From a more convenient design to added functionality and loading options, a drawer dishwasher is different in more ways than just looks...

Loading and Size Considerations

As you can imagine, the drawer design of a pull-out washer makes loading and unloading easy. There’s no need to bend or reach to the back of the machine for runaway silverware or to clean the drain. Drawers bring the work space up to a height that’s comfortable for most people.

However, drawer dishwashers usually do not accommodate a large quantity of dishes, large platters, or oddly-shaped items. Many people end up washing these items by hand, which can be a hassle for those who entertain frequently. With that said, drawer size varies greatly among models. Some size hassles can be prevented simply by choosing a model that has larger drawers. Single-drawer washers usually provide the most space.

How Dishwasher Drawers are Designed

Dishwashers equipped with drawers, especially those with two drawers, are more compactly designed than traditional washers. Generally, most designs require lining bowls and plates very closely on the bottom of the drawer with lighter items, such as cups, resting on shelves that run along either side of the drawer.

The shelves are adjustable, so you can move them up and down. You can also push the plate spacers flat in order to create a large space for pots. Silverware caddies can slide in anywhere you choose or left out if you need the space.

Many newer models feature drawers of varying depths. One drawer might account for three-fifths of the height of the dishwasher while the other drawer is quite shallow. This design makes it easier to put larger items into the washer.

Double dishwasher models with two drawers allow you to operate each level independently. Whether you need to wash a smaller load or if you like to wash heavily soiled items on a different setting than your elegant stemware, drawers give you ultimate control.

With so many options available, it’s vital that you select the right model for your individual needs. Research each model and select the one that most suits your dishwashing needs.

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