Dishwasher Recall News

Reading dishwasher recall information can give you an indication about reliability and problems that have occurred with specific dishwasher models.   

Sometimes the action may simply be due to a part that is faulty which cannot be repaired.  However, a more common reason a company goes to the expense of withdrawing appliances from the market and contacting past customers, is because of a safety issue. 

Even though they are statistically rare, there can be a risk of fires starting due to an appliance.  This has been the reason behind asking customers to return some dishwashers recently.  Other issues have been the potential for scalding due to overheating.

This news page..

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Please be aware that sometimes this automated news service brings stories that aren't so relevant to the topic.  This is most likely to occur if there aren't any active recalls happening at the moment. 

Even so, I hope you find this page of interest and informative.

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If you don't find what you are looking for in the news feeds, various governments also publish information about product safety recalls.  See:

USA Consumer Product Safety Commission

Whitegoods Safety Recall Information - Australia

While not a government website, in the UK, recall information is available from

Specific Recent Recalls

September 2013 - Fisher & Paykel has extended a recall of some single door dishwashers first announced in August 2012.  Models include model numbers starting DW60CC with serial numbers beginning FAB, FAC and FAD, and model numbers starting DW60CE with serial numbers beginning FAB or FAC.  The risk is that moisture build up around the handle can cause electric shock in rare circumstances.  The advice is to turn off the power and contact F&P to replace the affected part free of charge.

August 2013 - Bosch announced a voluntary recall of up to five million dishwashers manufactured between 1999 and 2005, due to potential overheating because of a risk of a fault in the control panel.  Free repair is available.  Brands include Balay, Bosch, Constructa, Junker + Ruh, Lynx, Neff, Pitsos and Siemens.  More details at

April 2013 (UK) - Hotpoint Dishwashers - Models FDW20, FDW60 and FDW65A manufactured between June 2006 and March 2007.  Link has details of model and serial numbers.

August 2012 (USA) - GE Dishwashers - Voluntary Recall of Hotpoint®, GE® and GE Profile™, GE Eterna™ and GE Adora™ plastic tub dishwashers, manufactured between March 2006 through July 2006, and November 2006 through April 2008.  Click link for specific model numbers.

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