ecomax 600 Dishwasher

Ecomax 600 which is having kit of drain pump, real panel, detergetnt agest 635 wx635dx1480 hmm, insert depth-440 mm, rack size 500x500 mm performace per hour upto 30 baskets, program 120 sec continuous operation, washing approximately 60 degree centigrade, rinsing 82 degree centigrade, tank capacity 28 l with fresh water consumption rack 3.5 l washing pump 0.73 kw heating performance 7.5 wc having connected load 8.25 kw, voltage 400v / 50 hz / 3.

We are using the above model dish washing machine. It is imported from Germany which having the following features:- It is easy to use and easy to service. Having the electromechanical control which simple, easily understandable controls. It has double walled design made completely of stainless steel , hood closed all around, heater with thermostat control, included electrical cable and flexible water supply hose and drain hose.

For cleaning results : Rotating top and bottom washing system to distribute the wash water uniformly over the dishes, bottom washing and rinsing arms made of stainless steel with negatively shaped nozzles, washing and rinsing arms can be removed without tools and the tank covered by strainer pan made of stainless steel.

Robust and reliable : Hood closed all round with the stable hood handless and easy hood guide guarantee reliable use operation in daily use. Made completely of stainless steel to guarantee reliable operation in daily use. Regular quality controls of all parts.

It is very useful for the large scale industry like hospitality industries, high potential food agencies and also for the convention center and marriage function hall. It is cost effective one.

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