Electrolux 24" Built-In Dishwasher Model #EWDW6505GS

by Malia Suzui
(Pullman, WA USA)

I love my Electrolux dishwasher. I learned about this product from those commercials on TV with Kelly Rippa using her Electrolux appliances like a super woman. The commercials were so cute and funny and I love Kelly Rippa so I figured something she is endorsing must be good so I went online and did some research and found out that it is energy efficient, a compact space saver which is nice because I live in a smaller apartment, and it holds three times as many dishes as my mom's old dishwasher back at home.

Basically these things sold me on the product. Not only does this dishwasher look great in my kitchen and makes my life so much easier without the plague of dirty dishes requiring individual tedious washing. This product also has a great warranty. Also the customer support is phenomenal. I was having a hard time right at first turning it on and I thought that maybe my new baby was broken already. I called the customer service line and they were incredibly nice, understanding and helpful and it turns out
I had changed a setting by accident which was making the function I was choosing not work the way I wanted it.

They explained the whole situation to me until I fully understood and I haven't had any problems since. Also, when my dishes come out they are incredibly clean, its like we've popped into an episode of the Jetsons. Its almost freaky weird, it works so great. Take Kelly Rippa's advice, this machine really works!

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Feb 26, 2012
Still Leaks
by: Anonymous

This thing has leaked since day 1. Just had the gasket replaced for almost 200.00 (got torn on lower left from the rack) and it still leaks!

Jul 24, 2011
Electrolux is Junk
by: Dale C.

I had mine for almost 2 years and it's on it's 2nd was pump. Now I'm getting the wash pump error code light again. It's out of warranty so it would cost me $300.00 to fix it. I'm getting rid of it and getting a Bosche. Look up Electrolix dishwashers on the internet, their nothing but trouble.

Jun 10, 2011
electrolux is Junk
by: Anonymous

This is the wordt dishwasher I have ever owned. Lower rack tears up the lower door gasket from moving it in and out. 3 wash pump failures so far in two years. Finally had to junk it and buy a Bosch. Run away from Electrolux products.

Mar 28, 2011
Not very energy efficient and cannot place bowls easlily in it
by: Anonymous

This is the worst dishwasher I have ever owned. You cannot put bowls in it without them falling over, I end up using a glass to hold them up. I tried both racks and neither work. Plus all the cycles are very long and seems to use a lot of water.

I would think twice before purchasing this again.

Mar 20, 2011
do not buy
by: Anonymous

We just got our new replacement dishwasher after a year of repairmen and dirty dishes and water leaks. hopefully the new kitchenaid will do better!

Nov 08, 2010
buyer beware
by: nixa

we purchased this dishwasher in sept.08.along with a double wall oven and microwave.all top of the line Electrolux appliances.within weeks of service microwave and oven broke.oven repaired 4 times and still broke.now dishwasher wont work.unless you are a repair man I strongly recomend not to purchase.

Jun 06, 2009
other concerns
by: Nrooklyn

I have similar with inconsistent results in wash and drying. It seemed to do a perfect job over the first week or two--everything was dry but not any more.
But what bothers me most is that the dish loading arrangement has a number of problems. The dish spacing on the bottom rack is so close that dished often touch and don't come out clean on both sides--I've taken to skipping every-other dish spot to avoid this, which means more frequent load washings. (not very energy/water efficient but necessary to get plates clean) Also the spacing on the top rack is quite odd. If you put cereal bowls dowm the center, there is only space for a row of cups and glasses on the outer side. The manual shows glass ware along the center saucer/bowelrack but there is no way a cup with a diamater larger than 2 inches would fit.
We've been left wondering if we need to buy a special set of dishes to go with the dishwasher.

Yes it it quiet--the reason we were sold on this product. But some days I'ld rather have the clean efficiency of my old machine with all it's noise.

Jan 19, 2009
Confusing digital control
by: Alan

I have mixed feelings about this dishwasher. The Swedish appliance giant Electrolux (nee GM-Frigidaire) makes this unit in Georgia, USA and there are many things to recommend about it- from the sleek stainless steel finish to its ultra-quiet operation to the cool blue light (which reminds me of "Eve" from the movie WALL-E) and musical chime that signals that the wash cycle is complete.

The ample number of baskets and racks can handle an assortment of utensil/dish/pot/pan load configurations with ease, and the digital control dashboard seemed light years beyond the old electromechanical dials and push button controls on previous dishwashers I have owned. The steel door bar makes it a snap to open and the door opens wide to the floor (NB: Those who don't want their kids opening the washer may find the bar to be a disadvantage)

However, there are at least an equal number of characteristics that make me reconsider on a daily basis my purchase of this unit. For starters, the digital options are quite confusing, hard to set and easy to un-set. The dashboard icons in my opinion are miniature and require magnification, especially for those of a certain age. The accompanying dishwasher guide attempts to explain the option configuration but fails to be completely clear; I recommend acquiring the DVD video version of the guide to operation for fuller comprehension.

It also seemed to me that it took a few wash cycles to "break in" a steady pattern of clean dish results. The aforementioned baskets don't grip the washer's side rails firmly and their basket lids misalign with regularity. On average, washer loads are clean but still not always as dry as I would like (at times some water still collects on cup and bowl bottoms)

Lastly, unlike traditional/previous units, this dishwasher plumbing connections are situated on the side of the unit rather than the front/bottom which required I undertake several hundred dollars of plumbing work to connect properly.

Overall, I cannot recommend this dishwasher to other buyers - my plumber recommends other makes such as GE Profile and Kenmore as more efficient and effective units.

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