Equator CD400/P Countertop dishwasher

by CJK
(Toledo, OH)

I purchased the Equator CD400/P counter top dishwasher approximately 3 years ago from Appliance Center. It is a smaller, portable model which can be set up on a counter top or cart and stored away when not needed. It measures 19” wide x 19” deep x 22.5” high. It has three wash cycles, two heat settings, and a push button on/off. It has the capacity to hold four place settings.

It requires an adaptor piece to attach the water intake hose to your sink faucet. It is pretty easy to set up and did not require any special tools to attach the hoses. Replacement parts are not easy to get. I had to replace the faucet adapter and could not find a local company that stocks replacement parts. I ended up ordering one from the manufacturer and it was fairly pricey.

The dishwasher’s biggest advantage is its portability. It weighs approximately 50 pounds, and is pretty easy to maneuver. I have mine on a wheeled cart which I store in the corner when not in use. However, if you have the space for a built in dishwasher, I would recommend that you make the investment in a built-in model. While this model is advertised as having the capacity for four place settings, the top rack is very small and cannot be used for much.

Glasses end up on the lower racks, which really cuts down your space options. There is also no cutlery rack which means the sharp knives get loaded with the silverware. This machine can handle basic dishwashing, but does not have the same power as the larger models. It does not have “pot scrubber” capabilities, for example.

Overall, it is a decent small dishwasher well suited for a small apartment, bar area or to travel in your camper or RV. Make sure that you rinse your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher and it will do a decent job for you.

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Jul 06, 2011
by: Mike

I have been trying for a while to contact the manufacture to purchase the sink adapter (as you described) without any luck. Did you just contact the number on the manual?

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