Estate model: TUD4700SQ

by Ken
(Long Beach, CA, USA)

White on White

White on White

Estate model: TUD4700SQ is a okay apartment dishwasher. The price of $269 is easily affordable for apartment management to afford. Usability is easy, one dial and a switch for air dry or heat dry. It is on year 2 of usage, its predecessor only lasted 6 months. I have been using it once a day, a typical bachelor.

The cleaning power is average. It can clean plates with no problem, but for bake on things you might want to run it thru twice or soak it in a sink and scrape it.

The noise level is unbearable, if you decide to run it at night after bed, wear earplugs. If you want to talk on the phone with it running, it might be best to be in another room. When it is on heat dry cycle you can smell the "waste" cooking on the element. So have the window open near by.

Cleaning the inside is easy, reaching inside and scooping the "waste" with a bag. Cleaning the outside is easy, but watch what you use, I would recommend soap and water, any type of chemical cleaner tarnishes the white finish. Hopefully apartment management would accept the color change as wear and tear.

Pro: Price good
Pro: Cleaning power Average
Con: Noise
Con: Tanishes on the outside

Rating: 3 out of 5

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