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Background Information on a Little-Known Brand

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Why don't you have any reviews for Eurotag dishwashers? Are they a new brand or do you just not get involved with them?

Dishwasher-Review.Com Answer:
We don't research and review all non-major brands, as there are just so many available in the market.

However, when I got your question, I did a quick internet search and realised the likely reason why you contacted us. It’s easy to find Eurotag products for sale, but not so easy to find background information!

So to try and fill the gap and help visitors like yourself, here’s the results of some research I’ve just completed:

  • Eurotag appliances are (only?) sold in Australia

  • Eurotag Australia Pty Ltd was de-registered as a company as of September 2011. This suggests to me that Eurotag was a brand name created by an agent for a larger global appliance manufacturer to sell their products in Australia. The Eurotag company appears to no longer be in business, but it’s likely the dishwashers are still being produced and sold by the manufacturer.

  • At least one Eurotag dishwasher model was also sold under the brand name Galanz. I discovered this through an Australian government website which has a link to a letter stating that the two products are identical for appliance registration purposes. Galanz is a very large Chinese manufacturer of appliances (see next point).

  • Galanz is an established appliance manufacturer based in Guangdong, China. It’s been in business for more than 30 years and employs more than 36 000 people. Galanz sells over $100 million of household appliances (microwaves, washing machines, fridges, dishwashers, airconditioners etc) each year. 60-70% is exported, making Galanz one of China’s largest electrical appliance exporters.

  • I haven’t done the detailed research to confirm, but some websites suggest Galanz is also the manufacturer for some well known brands. So it’s possible that buying a Eurotag appliance gets you the same quality dishwasher as a high-profile brand at a lower price. Just like sometimes happens when you buy ‘no-name’ groceries at the supermarket.

Based on the above information, if you’re looking for reviews of a particular Eurotag dishwasher model, you might have better luck doing an internet search for user reviews of Galanz dishwashers and seeing if you can find a model that appears to have the same features as the Eurotag dishwasher you are looking at.

I hope this helps. If you decide to buy a Eurotag dishwasher, we’d love you to submit a review to our website to help other readers.

Thanks, Alison

Research Sources:
Australian Securities and Investments Commission

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