by Jeanette Potts
(Natick, MA)


Two years ago I bought this model dishwasher which was so awful it was replaced. Now I am ready to trade the second dishwasher for one that actually gets dishes clean.

Each time I called to voice my concerns regarding the quality of the poor results I was told: remember to put drying liquid in, use powder detergent, make sure the disposal is clean, rinse off dishes, make sure filters have been cleaned, remove spray nozzles and clean, etc.

After all that, what I found works the best is washing the dishes before loading. Funny thing is the dishes are cold and wet at the end of the cycle. The Appliance Center has been very helpful and was instrumental in getting a replacement.

However, when I called Bosch Service, I was treated rudely and made to feel guilty that it was my fault. Now I have to rewash about half of the dishes after unloading and live in fear that someone else unloaded the dishwasher and when I go to get a glass to serve a guest, it will be encrusted with crude. I am so very, very disappointed.

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