Fisher and Paykel #DD603SS

by Ivan Bunin
(New York City)

Bought this in 2004. The big problem with reviews is that the longevity of a dishwasher cannot be determined until it has been owned for a number of years. Liking a three-yr-old dishwasher is one thing, still liking it on year 6 when it starts falling apart is another thing altogether.

I have the double dishwasher drawers, which I like. Dishes get clean, machine is quiet, there's plenty of room to wash whatever kind of pot, pan, dish, glass you want.

Cons: The machine started to break down in year 6. I had to have the motor and rotor replaced for almost $400. That was last year. Yesterday, the lower dishwasher drawer sprung a leak which disabled the upper drawer as well. A service call to find out what the problem is will be at least $100. Do I really want to have the possibility of another pricey repair made to a 7-year-old machine?

My last dishwasher lasted 25 years. I replaced it only because it was ugly and not because it had stopped working. Now, apparently, I can't expect a dishwasher to last more than a handful of years before it needs to be replaced.

Upshot: You'll like Fisher and Paykel until it stops working then you'll hate it. At $1,500, you have to figure you're renting the machine for $250/year.

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