Fisher & Paykel Double DishDrawer DD603M

by JP
(San Francisco, CA, USA)

I've had the Iridium stainless steel double DishDrawer for about 3 years (bought it new on Ebay).

Things I like about it:
- I can keep one drawer clean and one dirty and just load/unload as needed.
- Easy/eco-friendly to run smaller loads in a single drawer, as opposed to using a full-size dishwasher.
- Looks cool.
- Can run one load of heavy-duty stuff and one load of delicate stuff at same time.
- The fast/"eco" option takes only 38 minutes, uses less energy than regular cycle and gets most dishes clean.
- Lots of cycle choices
- Can be easily "locked" so kids can't start up machine
- Electronic display shows you where in cycle it's at (wash, rinse, dry, etc.)
- Uses very little water and EnergyStar rated - eco-friendly
- Quiet compared to other dishwashers I have known

Things I don't like about it:
- Dirty water sometimes backs up into one drawer when the other is running -- yuck! Since I'm not sure if this is a dishwasher issue or a plumbing issue, it's not a deal-breaker for me, but it is annoying.
- No enough top-rack space
- Shows fingerprints, like all stainless

All in all, I like this dishwasher, and would buy one again. Plus everyone who comes over thinks it's cool.

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double DD603

by Anne

We have had the dish drawers for four & half years, they have been really great.

We have fixed the only small problem we had of not knowing which drawer was in use by a small magnet on the one in use. Works brilliantly.

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Fisher Paykel Double Dish Drawer DD603

by Tom Willwerth
(Manchester, MA, USA)

I have never written a review on anything and the fact I am taking the time to do now will hopefully prevent folks from purchasing one of these machines.

I have had my Fisher Paykel now for five years. My wife liked the idea of having double dish drawers but from the date of purchase this machine has been a total and complete pain in the backside.

Every part, from the Motor Assembly to the lid actuators are made of plastic and they all break down continously. None of the parts are inexpensive. After having the repair guy come the first five times I now purchase my own parts online and do the repair work myself.

To date:

1. Each of the Motor Assemblies have been replaced twice. I can see the wear on the current units and they will soon need to be replace again. Each "plastic" motor
costs about $60 before shipping when purchased on-line.

2. Each summer, multiple times, humidity builds up and renders both drawers useless until the electrical components can be dried out with a blow drier. The machines beep and flash a code that cannot be stopped until you kill the electicity. Each encasement must then be blown dry and sit for at least a day...with drawers open before they will work again.

2. I just replaced the top lid actuators that broke. I bought the parts on-line. There is no mention of these components in the installation manual as they are built into the chassis.

3. Water continuously backs up into the dishwasher drawers so you end up with slimy water beneath your clean dishes. Yes, a plumbing issue but based on the other reviews...don't you think this is something the manufacturer might take into account before putting the product on the market? It is not a cheap fix and it is unlikely a kitchen installer will get it right the first time.

4. It is extremely easy for anyone to put a cup or glass on the top rail that is too tall and which prevents the lid from creating a seal with the drawer when a wash cycle begins. This leads to many of the moisture problems explained above. One could say "user error" but another might say...."bad design"! If the glass fits and you can close the drawer is it unreasonable to think there would not be a problem with the lid assembly....that will lead to $100's in repairs? You better not have a house guest load the dishwasher!

Beyond that, the dishes must first be hand washed before you even put them into the dishwasher or they wont get clean. Any debris will cause a problem with drainage.

Save your money and avoid the extreme agravation. Purchase a different brand when you next look for a dishwasher. I have never felt so strongly to the negative about any brand or product.

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Double Drawer Model DD603 Stainless Steel

by Steve Lanning
(Salem, Oregon)

We replaced our 40 year-old chocolate brown Kitchen Aid dishwasher with a double drawer stainless steel Fisher and Paykel in March 2002.

We had a number of repair problems with it while under warranty and then spent hundreds of dollars on repairs from certified F & P repairmen over the next few years. Most of the parts were replaced and it continued to breakdown every 6-12 months. In August 2009 an authorized repairman declared the double-drawer not repairable--or cheaper to buy a new one.

The Fisher & Paykel customer care office has had a "file number" open on our dishwasher since we had numerous break-downs, but have refused to help. They haven't helped with the repairs--by either offering their certified repairman with a miracle cure or offering us another dishwasher--or even a partial credit to buy a new machine--not even $100 off to try our luck again.

We tried the high-end $1,500 Fisher and Paykel and spent that much in repairs only to get seven years of poor reliability out of the machine. Yeah--it looks great and works just fine--when its working.

In looking through dishwasher ratings before we invest in another dishwasher, we discovered that the Fisher and Paykel double drawer scored dead last out of 46 dishwashers tested in reliability in some consumer guides. Buyers beware.

- looks great
- works fine when it works!

- poor reliability

1 out of 5

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