Fisher & Paykel Double DishDrawer DD24DCTX6V2 Double-Tall Dishwasher, 24-inch

 EZKleen Stainless Steel, Flow Through Detergent Dispenser, Energy Star

EZKleen Stainless Steel, Flow Through Detergent Dispenser, Energy Star

The DD24DCTX6V2 from Fisher and Paykel offers additional capacity more than the previous models in the same line. Due to the deeper drawers, you can now put plates up to 13 inches in diameter. Pots and pans are also not a problem with the drawer’s folding tines feature and adjustable racks. You will also be able to enjoy this model’s half capacity wash feature as the two wash drawers are independent of each other, allowing you to use one, while leaving the other empty. This model has plenty of other features that ensure convenience and ease in dishwashing.

Interior Features
  • The half load wash option utilizes only one drawer when doing the wash. This means that the user can use the machine with only a few pieces of dishes and would not have to worry about wasting water and electricity.
  • Users will delight themselves with this machine since it has an Energy Star rating and also has an economical wash feature that uses less water and electricity. Users will not have to worry though, as the dishes will still be washed and rinsed thoroughly.
  • The detergent is dissolved before it touches the dishes in order to facilitate rinsing. You can choose from 9 wash programs for different types of dishes and washing needs.
  • The dishwasher comes with up to 12 hours of delay start option, end of cycle signal, flood protection feature, intelligent load sensing, and self-diagnostics for repairs and service problems. All these contribute to the flexibility and efficiency of using this dishwasher.

    Exterior Features

  • This model comes in classic stainless steel and has a simple sleek design that will fit any kitchen. It comes with folding tines and has a rinse aid indicator light.
  • The machine has two wash drawers that are independent of each other, meaning one can be used while the other is idle. This also means that one batch of dishes can be washed using a different wash cycle from the one in the other basket. It is just like having two dishwashers in one.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 22 7/8 in.
    Height: 34-36 1/2 in.
    Width: 23 9/16 in.


    Experience convenience in dishwashing with the DD24DCTX6V2 from Fisher and Paykel. This model employs the folding tines feature, coupled with the adjustable racks in the drawers, allowing the user to arrange dishes in a simple manner. Pots, pans, plates, and even long stemmed glasses can be accommodated by the drawer. You need not worry if you left the water running because this model is equipped with a three stage flood protection feature that detects the water levels in the tub in order to prevent overflowing. This saves you a lot of time and effort in terms of cleanup and safety as well. Not only is it energy-efficient, but it also uses less water. You have the option to use the half load, thanks to its independent drawers. It can accommodate larger plates and other dishes, and does its job quietly.


    Customers often complain about maintenance issues. Others even say that these problems appear after the warranty expires, making it more expensive to have the machine repaired. Other customers complain about detergent residue and that stubborn stains and food residue remain in the dishes even after washing.


  • Energy Star-qualified
  • can accommodate 13-inch plates
  • quiet operation
  • separate compartments for dishes and cutlery


  • needs a lot of maintenance
  • retains detergent residue and food stains

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