Fisher & Paykel Double DishDrawer Tall DD24DCTB6V2 Double-Tall Dishwasher, 24-inch

Black, Flow Through Detergent Dispenser, Energy Star

Black, Flow Through Detergent Dispenser, Energy Star

Experience elegance in the kitchen with this black Double DishDrawer dishwashing unit from Fisher & Paykel. The sleek and elegant design will surely fit into all types of kitchens. The machine looks good but it surely does not sacrifice functionality. It has an added capacity that allows the user to fit in 13-inch plates in the deep drawers. The folding tines feature also allows for added flexibility in arranging the dishes in the drawer. Not only that, the machine has the Energy Star rating, which makes it a great partner in decreasing utility costs at home. On the average, the machine uses less than two gallons of water with every wash.

Internal Features
  • The DD24DCTB6V2 has economical wash cycles that are formulated to use less water and electricity than the regular wash cycles. These are just options included in the nine wash programs that have been included in this machine. You can be assured that there is a wash cycle to fit the particular washing needs of the user.
  • The machine employs a security lock feature that does not allow accidents to happen with the door. Also, floods are prevented by the protection system in the machine. Users will no longer have to worry about mopping up flooded kitchen floors.
  • With Smart Drive intelligent technology, this is one efficient dishwashing unit. Optimum performance in dishwashing is within reach, thanks to the intelligent load sensing feature. It also has a delay star option and self diagnostics for repairs and service problems.

    External Features

  • This machine comes in a solid black color and also comes in the standard dimensions for dishwashers. Any kitchen owner can easily install this machine in the kitchen. It comes with a rinse aid indicator light.
  • The deeper cut drawers allow for larger pieces to be placed inside. The added features and adjustable racks also allows the user to arrange bulky pots, large plates, and delicate long stemmed wine glasses in a systematic manner, lessening the occurrence of breakage without sacrificing cleanliness.

    Dimensions and Specifications

    Height: 34-36 ½ inches
    Width: 23 9/16 inches
    Depth: 22 7/8 inches


    Two drawers with added capacity and adjustable racks allow the user more flexibility, which is not available in dishwashers of the same line. The drawers operate independently as well. The machine also has indicator lights and beeps for the start and end of each cycle, allowing the user to prepare for the next steps in dishwashing. The integrated design works really well. It can accommodate larger plates, long-stemmed glassware, and other dishes. Nine wash programs are available for different types of dishes and dishwashing needs. Leaks are no problem with its flood protection feature.


    Customers complain that the machine breaks down easily and will have to undergo repairs when the warranty has expired. This can be very costly and entails a lot of hassle on the part of the user. Other customers complain that the machine is not consistent in washing the dishes.


  • integrated design
  • two independent drawer
  • flood protection
  • nine wash cycles
  • key and child lock


  • requires repairs
  • inconsistent results

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