Fisher & Paykel Single DishDrawer Tall DD24SHTI6V2 Single-Tall Dishwasher, 24-inch

Integrated Finish, Energy Star, Fully Adjustable Racking System

Integrated Finish, Energy Star, Fully Adjustable Racking System

The DD24SHTI6V2 model has an integrated system that allows the user to install it into the existing kitchen design. It also has added capacity that can accommodate plates up to 13 inches in diameter. This model has folding tines and adjustable rack features that enable the user to properly arrange the dishes in the drawer. It also has a three-stage flood protection system in order to prevent unnecessary flooding of the chamber.

Internal Features
  • This model has nine wash programs that the user can choose from in order to ensure that the dishes are clean and properly rinsed. These programs also have an economical feature that uses less current and water in order to help the user save on costs.
  • This model employs a flow through detergent dispenser that allows the water to go through the detergent in order to dissolve the soap before it gets into contact with the dishes. This allows the machine to rinse out the detergent in a much easier manner.
  • Although the machine only has one drawer, it has two separate chambers that allow for independent washing for different types of dishes.

    External Features

  • The DD24SHTI6V2 has an integrated system that lets the machine to be incorporated into the kitchen design. And so, the user will not have to think about the design of the kitchen.
  • This model has one independent drawer that has two compartments in order for the user to wash different types of dishes at once.
  • Enjoy safety in the kitchen with the key and child lock feature. These features prevent children from accidentally opening the drawer and hurting themselves.

    Dimension Specifications

    Height: 17-18 15/16 inches
    Width: 23 9/16 inches
    Depth: 22 7/8 inches


    The extra deep drawers allow for larger plates to be accommodated in the machine. Also, the machine has a feature that indicates when the wash cycle is ending and when the wash cycle has started. It also has the flood protection feature in order to prevent unnecessary flooding in the kitchen. It is also powered by Smart Drive intelligent technology and has a self-diagnostics feature that allows the system to detect the defects of the machine in order to make repairs and maintenance easier. With its Energy Star rating, you can expect more savings from lower energy consumption. The machine is fairly easy to use, and with its 9 wash programs, you are sure to find one that works best for the dishes you have to clean.


    Customers often complain about the number of times that machine has gone for repairs. Also, the one year limited warranty has received some negative comments.


  • integrated design
  • independent drawer
  • flood protection
  • nine wash cycles
  • energy-efficient
  • easy to use and program


  • issues about durability

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