Fisher Paykel - two drawer model

by Jan Davis
(Honolulu, HI)

I have owned two of the 2 drawer model and one 1 drawer model. Like others have said, they look fantastic, are ergonomic and they work great when they work. But when they stop working --good luck!

My biggest complaint is that it retains water in the recessed filter area below the silverware holder -- so if you don't use it for a few days the water begins to smell.

I had one drawer stop draining completely. I could not find a repair man on island. I had to go online and do my own research. I learned (guessed) that I needed to buy a new motor ($75 w/shipping)--which I did and it shipped out of Australia.

I installed it myself, which was quite easy to do. It fixed the problem of the standing water but like I said, these drawers never completely drain--which is my pet peeve. At least none of the five I've owned have.

I also understand using liquid soap can cause problems so I stick to the granules to avoid related issues.

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