Frigidaire 24 Inch Model: FDB2415LFB

by erica

I purchased this dishwasher from my local Lowe's. I purchased it in June 2007, so I've had it now for 14 months. I liked this dishwasher because of the under mount latch for the door, the multiple wash options, and the capability to lock the front panel. It also has a smart sense on it, meaning that it will do a quick wetting of the dishes to see how dirty they are so it can then properly adjust the time that it will need to wash the dishes.

I really like that feature and also how it gets the water very hot, much hotter than most dishwashers, especially with the sanitiziation cycle which is great for toys. As a mom of three children, two in which are under 3 it was important to me that the couldn't open the dishwasher.

With the traditional slide latch they were able to open the dishwasher. In our house we have 5 people, and with this dishwasher space inside was important and this was our best option.

I find the dishwasher very reliable, it cleans wonderfully, and I tell anyone about it who is looking for a new dishwasher.

The only other machine I can compare it to is the GE we had that came with the house. I say it out cleans that GE model.

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Apr 08, 2010
loud and annoying high squeak
by: Kevin

I bought the Frigidare dishwasher model FDB2415LFB in March of 2008. After less than two years it developed a very high squeal pitch that lasts for about 1/3 of the dishwash cycle. This pitch is almost deafening if in the same room. It woke me from a deep sleep and i am a floor above the washer. Frigidare won't do anything to assist and i know teh potential cost to repair (if possible) would approach the cost of a new dishwaser. The customer service dept. is in India - good luck understanding anything - and they cannot do anything but suggest a local repair company.

I will not purchase a Frigidare/Electrolux brand product of any type as I don't feel they stand behind their products. I shouldn't have to pay for any repair to an appliance that is defective after less that two years!!!

Dec 02, 2009
do your homework
by: Anonymous

bought this unit from lowes 11-2007 for $400. pump has been slowly leaking water, undetected for some time(rust under unit). parts, labor, and service fee will be more than half of what i paid so looking for a better washer!

buy extended warranty

Oct 17, 2009
by: Anonymous

I have this dishwasher as well and really enjoy it however I can't seem to figure out how efficient a dishwasher can be if I can't find out how many gallons of water are used in a basic cycle. I understand this is based on what cycle you use. However I'm looking for an average cross the board to help figure out how efficient this dishwasher actually is.

Aug 12, 2009
good for someone who does not use a dishwasher very often.
by: Anonymous

FThere are some things I like about it and some things that I don't like. First, it seems to really get my dishes clean without having to do lots of pre-washing. I don't even pre-wash items that don't have things that are caked on. It also has very hot steam during the drying cycle so I feel that my dishes are getting disinfected quite well and they get pretty dry.

The dishwasher is fairly roomy and fits more than what it looks like it could hold. It is an Energy Star product which is a plus. The product features a 1, 2, or 3 hour delay to start a load of dishes. It also offers light, regular, or heavy wash options. You can run it either with or without the drying option.I have found that my dishes become cleanest just using the regular wash cycle.

It doesn't seem to waste energy or use a lot of hot water. The things I dislike are mainly the noise and things get knocked onto the heating element sometimes. Whenever it is in the washing cycle you can hear the water splashing around pretty loudly.

I have had plastic items that have turned into a burned in mess in the bottom of the dishwasher. It is very hard to clean up these messes sometimes. I assume the items fall out of the silverware holder and then onto the element. I feel that the dishwasher is somewhat overpriced for the product that you get.

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