Frigidaire 24-Inch Built-In Dishwasher

by heidi
(memphis, tn)

When our dishwasher recently broke, my husband and I decided it was time for a new model. We wanted a dishwasher that was within our budget, but included many of today's popular features.

The Frigidaire 24-Inch Built-In dishwasher was perfect for us. We only paid about $650 for the dishwasher. It has numerous cycles that fit various needs, including a china cycle, a pots and pans cycle, a sanitary rinse cycle, a quick cycle, and many others.

Altogether, the dishwasher features seven different cycles, which was just as many as some of the more expensive models. The controls are all electronic. It has an extra large capacity. Also, this Fridgidaire dishwasher is a great energy saver too.

One of the cycles is an Ecowash cycle and it is energy star compliant.

Furthermore, there is a cool feature that senses how dirty the dishes are and adjusts the water temperature and cycle to ensure the dishes are cleaned well.

The dishwasher is very quiet as well. We chose the stainless steel model, but there are other color options too.

Overall, this is a great dishwasher at a reasonable price. We would definitely recommend this appliance to a friend or a family member.

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Apr 09, 2009
Need to rinse well first and need loads of soap
by: Grace

I purchased this dishwasher a while back and it has been problem free so far. Usually I am not lucky at all with appliances; however, this one has been behaving great. I also don’t use it very often maybe three times in a month maximum. I prefer washing my dishes by hand. But this dishwasher is great for when you get home from exhausted and don’t want to do the dishes.

The price really attracted me, compared to other dishwashers this one only cost me about $250 dollars with taxes included. The color of the model also attracted me because it would go great with my kitchen. The design is a sleek and shiny black which gives it a contemporary feel. The wire racks inside the dishwasher are very sturdy and are better than some other dishwashers on the market. Another great feature that the Frigidaire dishwasher has is how quiet it is.

Previously I had a very noisy Maytag that was very annoying. I would sit in my living room trying to watch T.V. and would find it impossible to hear. The buttons on this contemporary dishwasher are covered with plastic which makes it great for fast and easy cleanups when it gets dirty. However, I have noticed that when there is even the slightest amount of grease on the plates it doesn’t wash it off very well. I have to rinse the plates before even putting them in the dishwasher which takes up my precious time that I could be using to do something else. When this happened I had to wash the dishes after they had gone through the dishwasher, which was very upsetting and disappointing. Because of this problem I often regret not purchasing a more expensive dishwasher.

Overall, the little noise this dishwasher produces is great and not distracting at all. However, when it comes to cleaning the dishes it takes a lot of soap, and very well rinsed dishes in order for it do a good job on the dishes.

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