Detailed Frigidaire Dishwasher Review - FGHD2465NF

Our Frigidaire dishwasher review of model FGHD2465NF makes your work easier when searching for the perfect 24 in built-in dishwasher. We’ve done all the leg-work, scouring the internet and summarizing both the key features and customer feedback for this model, right here in one place!

Overall, most customer reviews we found were very positive regarding this model.  It does what it says in terms of installation, load capacity, and ease of use. By far, the most rave reviews focused on the super quiet running and extra clean result of each cycle (even the shorter ones). This dishwasher looks good and seems to perform well overall. 

And it was rated one of the top 5 dishwashers of 2013 by

However, there were a few common complaints.

One frequently cited the tendency of the door to leak, especially at the end of the rinse cycle.

Another noted the fact that if there were larger plates placed in front of the soap tab, it often would not open correctly during the wash.

And we found a handful of consumers who reported that items such as the motor, control panel, and the pump broke only months into use (most were still covered under warranty, though).

What does this mean for you?

This Frigidaire Gallery FGHD2465NF looks good, is reasonably priced, and has excellent washing, drying, and noise reduction capabilities. It’s a built-in, with easy installation, and can handle one heck of a big load of dishes. But, as with nearly anything, the news isn’t all good. You should expect at least one or two operating issues, but for all the positives that come with this model (Energy Star, large capacity, extra quiet, powerful wash and dry cycles, etc.), you should feel pretty good about buying this dishwasher.

Frigidaire FGHD2465NF Pros –

  • Easy to operate
  • 7 wash cycles, 5 wash levels
  • SUPER quiet
  • Can accommodate large plates, pot/pans thanks to a removable silverware basket and adjustable racks
  • Energy efficient
  • No pre-rinse or post-drying needed

Frigidaire FGHD2465NF Cons –

  • Adjustable racks not very sturdy
  • Poor design causes taller dishes to block the detergent door
  • Occasional leaking reported from bottom of door during end of the wash cycle
  • Pump and other parts have been reported to break (early, while under warranty)

Features, as promoted by Frigidaire:

  • Superior cleaning: The OrbitClean spray arm delivers 4x better water coverage than traditional spray arms.
  • Best drying: No after-wash hand-drying required thanks to the SarahaDry feature.
  • SpaceWise Organization: Easily adjustable racks and extra-large silverware basket ensures this dishwasher can wash it all.
  • AquaSurge technology: Lets you adjust water pressure as needed.
  • Multiple Cycles: Provides you with easy-to-use cycle options.
  • QuickClean: Get dishes clean faster by offering a shorter QuickClean wash cycle.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Review FGHD2465NF Key Features:

  • 35” height x 24” width x 25” depth
  • Digital display
  • Control lock
  • Energy Star rated
  • Sanitize option
  • Tall tub design
  • Fits 14 place settings
  • 2 cup shelves/stemware glass holders

Frigidaire FGHD2465NF Price Point:

  • $530-650

On the Frigidaire website you can find additional images, the Product Owner’s Manual (PDF), Wiring Diagram, Installation Instructions, Product Specifications Sheet, as well as the Energy Guide.

This dishwasher is widely available on the internet, including the Frigidaire website, Amazon, and Best Buy, among numerous others.  It is available in white, black or stainless steel finishes.

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