Frigidaire FDB1050REC Stainless Steel Built-in Dishwasher

by Janet
(Boston, MA)

Well, I guess the old adage is true – you really do get what you pay for. I could not go ever $400 on by budget and went with a Frigidaire. Never again.

I liked the look of it with the stainless steel, but that is where the good things end. My old dishwasher cleaned better, and I rinse before I put the dishes in the machine.

It is noisy and sounds like a lot is going on in there, but I don’t know what it is. The top rack especially does not fare well. Whatever is up going on up there, it isn’t cleaning dishes.
When it is done, the dishes are not even dry!

It is the final insult from this $400 piece of garbage. I have always sworn by GE, but will go back to them as soon as I can get enough money together.

I am unable to get any satisfaction from the dealer, but would rather take the loss than be annoyed every evening when I run the washer. I can’t even imagine the aggravation of going through a holiday dinner with a lot of guests.

This was an expensive lesson and I wish I had looked at reviews before buying any appliance. I will never do this again.

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Mar 05, 2011
great choice when on a budget
by: Crystal

The constant chore in our household is washing the dishes. After many family feuds over who would have washing duty, we decided to install a built-in dishwasher. It continues to be the best decision that ever made as a family. The Frigidaire FDB1050RE was one of our top choices because of the popular rating that Frigidaire has with consumers. We wanted a model that would be efficient yet quiet at the same time.

We purchased the dishwasher in March of 2008, and so far, it has been a great asset. I use it twice per day, and I hardly have to prep the dishes before putting them into the dishwasher. The food always comes off. In the mornings, I use the light wash setting, which is much shorter and more efficient on energy. The dishes still come out clear and clean.

I was hesitant about which dishwasher to buy in the beginning because I had heard from other homeowners how frustrated they would get after trying to fit larger items in their dishwasher. However, with the Frigidaire FDB1050RE, I am able to fit large glass pans and my pots at the same time. I love the cup racks because my delicate glasses fit snugly and I do not have to worry about them knocking around during the rinse cycle.

If you are in dire need of dish washing assistance as I was, then this is a great choice. In addition, the price will not break your budget.

Mar 27, 2010
Great design, energy-saver
by: Anonymous

I have had a Frigidaire FDB1050REC dishwasher for the past few years. It has been great and totally trouble free. One good thing about this model is the loading design. It really holds a lot on both the top and bottom racks. The area that holds the silverware runs the whole length of the bottom rack, and really has good capacity. The second option that I really like is the option to turn off the heat dry function. Since this uses a lot of energy, I normally turn this option off. I normally run the dishwasher at night and so the dishes are generally dry by the morning anyway. If there is any remaining water caught in the items in the upper tray, I simply pull out the lower rack (to get the items out of the way), then give a little shake to the upper rack to knock off any remaining water. This model has been totally maintenance free, but the only problem I have had is with using those little gel-encased detergent pellets in lieu of powered detergent. I have found that on several occasions, the soap door did not open when I used the detergent cubes. Something about the gel coating must make the door stick. Anyway, when I use powdered detergent, I have no problem. The only other problem I have had is dishes coming out not feeling well-rinsed. It turns out this was because I had place an object (a cutting board) along the front side of the lower rack. It seems that this blocks the rinsing in some way. As long as I never put anything large across the front of the lower rack, I have no problems with rinsing.

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